Display Remarketing with Second-Party Data

Display remarketing for affiliate marketing ensures better ROI than trying to pursue only new customers every time. It also prevents brands from becoming a reason for inconvenience of people who don’t need their service or product. Let’s create a situation; you are preparing a presentation in mid-night instead of sleeping comfortably because you have to


Keep No Confusion between RTB and Programmatic

Real-Time Bidding and Programmatic are the latest technologies awaiting all marketers in affiliate marketing industry to embrace them. The efficiency of both of them is continuously making marketers to increases their budget in the same. RTB and Programmatic are the terms being used very commonly by marketers these days but still there are many who


In-app Fraud – Is It Bringing Clouds of Suspicion on Affiliate Marketing?

In-app Mobile Ads in Affiliate marketing has boomed tremendously in recent years. Mobile First strategy is working awesome in bringing umpteen numbers of conversions to the advertisers. Advertisers prefer promoting their apps along with their websites because people spend more time with their smart phones than desktops and according to e-Marketer total mobile spent globally


6 Effective Tips to Retarget Customers

Re-targeting is being used as the most effective tool in Affiliate Marketing. A customer once visited your website can leave the page at any stage of the purchase funnel. He needs to be retargeted to make him purchase the product. The concept of retargeting is very simple. When you know a person liked a particular


5 Reasons Why Display Advertising Will Keep Dominating

Multitude of latest researches published online creating a buzz in the market and making people pump money into Affiliate Marketing. Advertisers are constantly increasing their budget on affiliate marketing as they are getting desired results. According to ZenithOptimedia, global internet ad spent will overtake Television ads by 2020 while some experts says it’s just the


Cross Device Targeting – Indentifying customer at the top of the purchase funnel

Today’s tech savvy customers use multiple devices. They research about the product well, discuss with their peers before clicking on payment button. What is Cross-Device Targeting? Someone wants to buy an Air conditioner starts searching it on Google in his smart phone while travelling. He likes an air conditioner of renowned brand and immediately shares


Is making website responsive enough for display mobile ads?

Recently introduced Google’s Mobile-First Rule will pull the SERPs of responsive websites up. So, it can be clearly understood that mobile display ads will be fruitful on responsive websites only. But, making website responsive is enough? A publisher having responsive website can ensure high revenue? Paying heed to blog published on ComScore.com ‘60% of total


Bringing Programmatic Advertising on Mobile the Next Big Revolution in Affiliate Marketing

Programmatic Advertising is one of the future leading segments of Affiliate Marketing. It is being embraced by marketers in full swing as RTB (Real Time Bidding) is proving to be more fruitful than conventional methods of Display Marketing. Programmatic Advertising helps both advertisers and publishers to get the best of their investment and efforts respectively.


Figuring the efficiency of Mobile Apps

As the number of people subscribing internet in their mobile phones is constantly and significantly rising. There were 349 million unique mobile users in India in 2014 and & 70% traffic is arriving from mobile phones on web. The data is encouraging for merchants and retailers to get them their apps developed and let the