Is making website responsive enough for display mobile ads?

Recently introduced Google’s Mobile-First Rule will pull the SERPs of responsive websites up. So, it can be clearly understood that mobile display ads will be fruitful on responsive websites only. But, making website responsive is enough? A publisher having responsive website can ensure high revenue? Paying heed to blog published on ‘60% of total traffic comes from mobiles and tablets’.

Considering the figures it becomes indispensible to make websites responsive and ensure its reach to a large mass of audience. However, making website responsive is not just enough to get desired results. Optimizing your website for mobile users is extremely necessary to produce targeted revenue.

  • Ensure View-ability

Use search engine optimization to increases search engine ranking and derive more traffic on websites. Viewability of the website is the key to get high paying advertisers and better revenue. It is measured with VBR™ (Viewability Base Rate) which means average tested viewability rate of your website and across the campaigns.

  • Leverage Micro-moments

Google itself encourages marketers to indentify and leverage micro-moments. These are the moments of choice and desire to do something which can be the moments of having desire to know, desire to do or desire to buy etc.  Marketers must identify them and push notifications right away as well as be ready with the optimized website to enable the user to do what he or she wants.

  • Easy access to the information required

Every user has the intention in mind when he or she arrives at your website. Don’t lose the chance to fulfill his desires at all. He may intend to buy the product or services you sell, read the case studies or see the video on your website.

Make website navigation and form filling easy for mobile users as the screen on mobile is very small and filling long forms becomes daunting. Enable the forms to get shorten when they are opened on mobile this helps to make the subscription list bigger or generating leads. Also make the CTA clear and attractive to get the desired action done.

  • Don’t try to show everything on small mobile screen

It is obvious that everything cannot be shown to the mobile users as their screen is very small moreover the website also should not take longer load time. You can use ‘mobileHide’ and ‘mobileShow’ option show only the required content on mobile and hide the content you don’t want to show to your mobile users.

Affiliate Marketing is being flourished in India in full swing and the significant increases in the smartphone users in India is the indication that now publishers can make their website mobile friendly and advertisers should also contact the Affiliate Marketing Companies in India having publishers with mobile friendly and optimized websites. Making the use of these tips publishers can make their websites better than just responsive and take the utmost benefits of their efforts.

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