Discovering the power of programmatic advertising with dynamic strategy

With the passage of time customers are getting more demanding and technical so it’s high time to serve them with creative ideas, technical advancements and the most necessary right product at right time. Affiliate Marketing provides them the most favorable platform to sell their products with no restrictions of border and timings. Low overheads and low risk are the forte of Affiliate Marketing with the promise to reach highly targeted audience in short span of time is its strength.

Programmatic Advertising with dynamic strategy is one more step towards keeping its promise with the industry. Creating a big list audience and then segmenting it into various categories according to their interest is the task accomplished successfully by almost all the brands and organizations. But the challenge is to send the most apt add to the user at right time.


Dynamic advertising does the same. It makes the customized add visible to the user about the product or service he is looking for. This ensures the highest conversion rate achieved so far. The ads are dynamically generated based on the data captured on a particular audience. The basic attribute on which the ads are customized is the user’s browsing history but there are some other factors involved like prior ad engagements, location, weather and visitor recency etc.

Visitor recency has been the most powerful performance driver. Based on the information available in the product feed ads are customized and served. Product feed includes the information like product name, image, description of the product its price, the feed often also includes metadata such as product category, size, availability, gender, shipping information, condition and many more.


After analyzing the user’s information the most relevant ad is served using the available attributes. Retargeting has also been a powerful tool for affiliate marketers to increases the conversion rates and branding. Retargeting helps to show the same product the viewer has seen many times across the web wherever the user goes. In the same way Dynamic ads are customized based on different factors and fetches far better results.

Starting with Dynamic Advertising

  • Be patient and start – Don’t just create a lot of banners and serve to your users. Be patient and go simple. Start with simple ads and then plunge into dynamic advertising, pushing a lot ads in starting would be a crazy affair.
  • Follow relevancy – Always serve relevant ads to your customers. This could be understood as the entry of hero at the last moment in movies when he is required the most. Your ad should also appear at the right moment when the customer is looking for the similar product.
  • Look into technicalities – Being creative is always beneficial but looking into technicalities equally important. Test your dynamic ads for different attributes and especially for CTA.

Going dynamic in programmatic advertising breaks new path for advertisers and looking for the Affiliate Marketing Companies in India providing platform for dynamic ads can take you to newer heights. Programmatic advertising with dynamic strategy is actually going to lead the marketing methodologies of future.

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