Keep No Confusion between RTB and Programmatic

Real-Time Bidding and Programmatic are the latest technologies awaiting all marketers in affiliate marketing industry to embrace them. The efficiency of both of them is continuously making marketers to increases their budget in the same. RTB and Programmatic are the terms being used very commonly by marketers these days but still there are many who needs to learn the difference to keep no confusion between RTB and Programmatic. Let’s find out do they really have any difference or they have any relation in between them.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising means automating the process of buying for display advertising with minimal human intervention. The whole process includes machine-based transactions, data management and algorithms. However the campaign is closed and optimized on the basis of human intelligence since programmatic itself means doing according to a programmed or set guidelines.


What is Real-Time Bidding?

Real-Time Bidding means purchasing impressions in the real time through the process of auction. It is done in the fraction of seconds till the browser opens the requested page in front of the user. Meanwhile the bids are placed and winning ad is placed which the user see with the content he or she has requested on the publisher’s website.


What is the Relation between RTB and Programmatic?

So after reading the definition we can conclude that Programmatic buying is the automation of buying and selling process which includes data management and optimization while RTB is just enabling buying and selling in Real-Time.

Still Confused… Let’s understand it in another way. RTB is included in programmatic buying where as programmatic advertising can also be done by purchasing the inventory directly called ‘Direct Buying’. The machine-based process in programmatic includes DMP (Data Management Platform), DSP (Demand Side Platform) and SSP (Server Side Platform).

A huge data about the audience is saved, analyzed and sold or purchased using these platforms which also helps in budget management, frequency capping and serving right ad to the right person at right time.


What makes Marketers turning to Programmatic Buying?

This is a win-win situation created by RTB and Programmatic advertising. Both advertisers and publishers gain monetary benefits either by saving on recruiting human resource or the misconceptions generated as the machines are known to be more accurate than man.

Advertiser’s Benefits
  • All genres available at a single desk.
  • Cost-effective and efficient because of being capable of placing right ad to the right person.
  • Transparent in pricing processes.
  • Provides ability to keep everything under control as the platform is self serving.
Publisher’s Benefits
  • Provides the best use of remnant inventory.
  • Cuts the cost of Sales team making overheads minimal.
  • Publishers can set price floors to keep the value of their inventory remain high.
  • Enjoy level playing field despite of the fact of being big or small website.

So, Programmatic buying includes RTB for buying and selling process where as programmatic is also responsible for decision making. Affiliate Marketing Networks in India are also trying to leverage the benefits of Programmatic Advertising by connecting with Ad exchanges. Marketers having crystal clear picture of the difference between RTB and Programmatic can leverage the benefits of surpassing the targets set for every fiscal quarter.

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