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Types of ads being served in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing or Performance Marketing is based on two wheels – Advertisers and Publishers along with an ad network combining them. This is simply the give and take system where advertisers pay and get sales from publishers. Publishers place advertiser’s ads on their websites to sell their services or products. These ads are placed in

5 boosters for Affiliate bloggers

5 boosters for Affiliate bloggers

Many bloggers have turned their hobby into a primary source of income. Either they signed-up with any affiliate ad network or Google’s Adsense program. They get paid for some actions done with affiliate ad networks and for every genuine click in Google’s Adsense program. There are many more bloggers struggling to drive traffic on their

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Success Factors for Affiliate Ad Networks

Affiliate Ad Network is the platform where both affiliates and advertisers join hands to take mutual benefits. A successful Ad network is one that provides maximum conversions or customer acquisition to advertisers. It can happen only in the condition when performance marketing network is having proficient affiliates with it. A network having potential publishers can

Tips for naive affiliate marketers-icubeswire

Tips for naive affiliate marketers

  Affiliate Marketing is something which is based on win-win situation where the advertiser, affiliate and buyer all get benefited. Everyone has the reason to get happy. Advertiser is happy because a product is sold, affiliate is happy because he got commission and buyer is happy because he was directed to purchase the right product

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