Programmatic Premium – Ensuring the optimum level of engagement

In the era of high end technology solutions audience have got smart enough to install ad-blocking software in their systems to prevent the website owner from displaying the ads. It has become difficult for marketers to ensure that their ads are being displayed at the right place at right time and before right audience.

Advertisers are striving hard to ensure that their ads are visible and are getting the desired engagement for their brand. They can opt for the Premium Programmatic environment where they certainly get their ads visible.

What is Programmatic Premium?

Programmatic advertising has been the most talked about and latest technology to place ads in Affiliate Marketing. Programmatic means streamlining the process of buying and selling among advertisers and publishers which is also done in real-time called RTB (Real-Time Bidding).

Whereas the process of buying and selling of premium inventory among advertisers and publishers using programmatic platform is called Programmatic Premium.

Ensure Engagement

Premium inventory guarantees the placement of ads to the advertisers but the visibility does not ensure engagement. The true benefit of the premium inventory can be calculated if the ads are served to the right audience. The high-end technology including the platforms like DMP, DSP and SSP provides required information about the preference and interest of the user sitting in from of the screen for placing the relevant ad before him.

Ensuring that the ad is being served to the right audience at right time publishers can provide desired quantity of engagement to the advertisers and lucrative business strategy to publishers.

Fraud Prevention

Fraud is one of the mightiest threats to the Affiliate Marketing Industry. Advertisers, publishers and Affiliate Ad Networks in India should come together to fight against fraud in affiliate marketing.

To be on safe side advertisers should deploy third-party software to ensure legitimate traffic on their website. Publishers should keep a vulture’s eye on the trading methodologies to minimize the impact of bots and NHT (Non-Human Traffic). Affiliate Ad Networks can police the promotional methodologies of their publishers.

Programmatic Premium is a strategy ensuring the optimum level of engagement if done in right way. It can also offer a bright future to the affiliate marketing industry as it has the potential to keep flourishing. The advanced technology has made it efficient to be demand in forever.

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