6 Reasons why Instagram’s changing Algorithm is all you need to know!

Do you lose track of time every time you open Instagram? Are you inevitably spending hours scrolling through reels? Well, this is not a social media addiction you need rehab for but a recent change in Instagram’s algorithm that has enticed users to spend as much as 100 minutes daily just on video content.

Is the world’s biggest polaroid now becoming a video camera? Here are 6 reasons why the changing algorithm of Instagram has stirred up the digital world:

1. Scope in the Indian Video Market:

– Harboring as many as 230.5 million users, India is home to the highest number of Instagram users.

– The Indian video market is projected to stand at 18 billion dollars by 2026. At present, users are witnessing the boom of video content majorly via Instagram and its prevailing transition to become a more versatile version of Tik Tok, which India banned in June 2020.

2. Adjusting to Online Traffic:

– During the pandemic, Instagram witnessed a considerable increase in traffic, which led to the platform releasing Reels for users to create short videos like Tik Tok.

– Since the inception of Reels, Instagram has never been the same. Reels increased Instagram users by 4.34% during its initial release.

– From being a photo-centric platform, Instagram has undergone a considerable ‘Meta’ morphosis to now being a more video-driven platform.

3. Competing with TikTok:

– Some key changes in Instagram’s strategic manoeuvring algorithmic feed include a push for its Reel videos. In May of 2022, Instagram was testing for an immersive full-screen home feed, similar to that of TikTok to bring video content to the centre stage.

– Reels have an average reach rate of 20.59% and a staggering rate of 39.46% for smaller accounts.

– Instagram’s extreme makeover to promote video content is unarguably in response to the overpowering and worldwide success of TikTok. It has since made multiple additions to Reels, from a TikTok duet-based feature to what is now called a ‘remix’ to the removal of IGTV posts to promote Reels. Instagram’s suggested content for the public has resulted in users struggling to find content from their relevant followers.

– Video content will account for 80% of all global traffic by the end of this year. Instagram’s upgrade is just a response to what is now relevant and what a wide variety of consumers are consuming online.

4. User Backlash:

-Instagram is receiving major flak from users unhappy with the changes in the App’s User Interface and experience. A petition was raised by users to ‘Make Instagram, Instagram again’ which is a photo-centric platform just like its polaroid logo suggests.

-Instagram content creators are facing many issues adjusting to these sound trends. Creators now have to choose from a limited list of trending audios to increase the chances of going viral. Instagram videos generate two times more engagement than photos. 

-The norm today is, ‘The trend shall dictate-th what you have to do-eth.’ This may be a ray of hope for some creators to help them understand what type of content might work at any given time. However, for a major chunk of creators, it restricts their creativity, especially those who create photo-based content. 

-But just like every other generation, especially Gen Zs who prefer video content, users will eventually get accustomed to this transition.

5. The rising demand for video content:

-We believe Instagram’s shift of focus to video content will allow generic users to access more content and create more ways for creators to present their content. Thereby, making Instagram a more multidimensional platform.

-According to wzywol.com, 94% of marketers believe that video content helps create more brand awareness and 88% of users are convinced to buy a product after watching a video about it. In fact, a video is shared 12 times more than any text or image on Instagram.

6. Revising the algorithm:

-After the ‘Make Instagram, Instagram again’ movement was backed by some global celebrities, Instagram decided to make some changes to its algorithm.

– CEO Adam Mosseri reached out to users to announce that Instagram is changing its ranking algorithm to favor original content and promote original creators. He stated that Instagram’s ranking algorithm will now assign more value to original content, which means someone who creates content and publishes it themselves is more likely to be visible on Instagram than any other republished content.

-It also revised its product tag feature by allowing everyone to leverage and resource it to allow users to tag a product and drive some traffic to businesses or any creator they love.

-Even Instagram’s existing people tagging feature is getting a minor update. Now, individual users can add categories to their profiles that show up when they’re tagged in a photo or video. This allows creators to distinguish themselves wherever their content circulates.

Instagram is undeniably one of the biggest platforms for content creation, every little change in its algorithm is something big for creators to consider and carefully study. Are these new features going to help Instagram grow or will it fade away like many of its trends is a question only time will tell!

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