Making the Most of Retargeting

Spray and pray method does not work at all these days. Marketers need to be equipped with technology and insights for fetching desired results. Today the audiences have become smarter as they know your marketing obsession and even the tricks to get discount from the brand say by abandoning cart. You need to prevent them from falling into cynical camp while promoting your brand or marketing.

Let’s discuss about Retargeting that helps advertisers to display their ads before the audiences who exactly want or need their product. Instead of showing it to all and falling pray for the negative effects of marketing on brand name using Spray and pray method.

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting means targeting the audiences who the advertisers know is searching for its products. The ads are displayed to the users who are predicted to be in search of the similar product.

Who to Retarget?

The best thing about retargeting is that customers who are retargeted have come one step down the purchase funnel. You can retarget four types of people in different ways.

  • The first one is who added many products in the cart but abandoned it.
  • The second one who browsed some products under one category before leaving the portal.
  • The third one who came from a publisher’s website but signed up for your newsletters.
  • The fourth one who left your website immediately as soon as the home page opened.
How to Retarget?

In order to retarget the customers you need to understand their behavior and track the complete path from which they landed on your website or got converted.

  • Place cookies on your website and save the complete path as well as complete history of the user in your server.
  • Mail them enticing discounts on the products they are looking for.
  • Provide the offer of free shipping or some discount if they have abandoned your cart.
  • Offer a voucher of Rs.500 to 5000 to the customers who completely neglected your website.
  • Give some reward points to the customers for shopping they do on your website and encourage them to do more shopping against the reward points.


Retargeting is one of the most used strategies adopted by advertisers currently. Pushing the products only to the customers who want or need it cuts the overheads of targeting unnecessarily those who are not at all interested in the products.

Advertisers should also choose the Affiliate Marketing Companies in India those who adopt right method of promotion and work with legitimate publishers. Hence, making the most of retargeting is utmost necessary for the promotion and marketing these days as it holds the capability of bringing better ROAS (return on ad spent).

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