Business Intelligence: Know Bi for your business

Research by Reuters in 2017 said that the global business intelligence market is expected to grow from $15.64 Billion in 2016 to $29 Billion by 2022, with a CAGR of 11.1%. Business Intelligence means innovations, technologies, applications, and practices for assembling, unifying and representing business information and data reports. The motive behind BI is to

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Are you automating these 8 marketing activities?

Most digital marketing activities are intensive and prohibitively time consuming. This ends up in increasing the resource requirements and thereby costs of an organization, very quickly. However, automation is changing this landscape and moving organizations away from delegation. If an activity could be automated, it should never be delegated, as such activities are usually repetitive

Exam Blog

Should board exams be conducted digitally??

Since early school days, we are taught the paramount importance of ‘Board exams’. Whether we have been through that stage or are yet to appear for the board exams, we are well-aware of the anxiety revolving around it. There is numerous pressure one succumbs to when the board exams are just around the corner. For

blogging Skills

5 Tips on Improving Your Blogging Skills

Blogging is a truly effective way of bringing traffic to your website and engaging people with your brand. It has been an important tool that grows your online presence eventually helping your business grow. At times, you might or might not get the desired results out of a blog. A successful reach could boost your

Marketing Strategy

Steps to Measure Your Marketing Strategy Effectively

Analyzing your marketing strategy on regular interval is utmost necessary. Looking back at your work will help you track the growth of your marketing efforts. Whether you analyze it quarterly, weekly or monthly that is one’s prerogative. In today’s times, it is important not only to run a successful campaign but to also see how

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