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Checking Out Transformations in Retargeting

Many brands and advertisers are still chasing their prospects with the old-fashioned cookie based retargeting. Once the user clicks on any ad and lands on the landing page of the advertiser to see a product or services, the same product follows him everywhere. Sometimes it gets annoying to the user and deteriorates the brand reputation.

Making the Most of Retargeting

Spray and pray method does not work at all these days. Marketers need to be equipped with technology and insights for fetching desired results. Today the audiences have become smarter as they know your marketing obsession and even the tricks to get discount from the brand say by abandoning cart. You need to prevent them

6 Effective Tips to Retarget Customers

Re-targeting is being used as the most effective tool in Affiliate Marketing. A customer once visited your website can leave the page at any stage of the purchase funnel. He needs to be retargeted to make him purchase the product. The concept of retargeting is very simple. When you know a person liked a particular