DMP – A Solution for All Involved In Affiliate Marketing

Real-time bidding in programmatic advertising is being availed by advertisers, publishers and marketers in larger numbers. As soon as they are getting acknowledged of the benefits and transparencies in programmatic advertising, they are embracing it and the number of such marketers is increasing day by day.

Two platforms DSP (Demand Side Platform) and SSP (Supply Side Platform) are involved in real-time bidding for advertisers and publishers respectively. Advertisers use it to buy the most lucrative inventory while publishers ensure to get the maximum price on the inventory they have.

But, purchasing the biggest data is not enough for advertisers. A shrewd businessman ensures the best returns on the investments he is making. Therefore, he must purchase the inventory that is more likely to buy his products like women between 30 and 40 years of age if he is selling anti-aging beauty products. Here comes DMP which is the solution for all involved in Affiliate Marketing in India.

What is DMP (Data Management Platform)?

Data Management platform is a software that collects information from various sources, segments and produces the segmented information when required.  It splits-up the consolidated information collected from different online and offline sources about customers on the basis of their demographics and behavioral segments.

How does DMP work?

Since it is known as Data Management Platform, it provides end to end data management services right from collecting to segmenting and then providing the required information.

Collection – It collects information about the customers or prospects at different levels like demographics or behavioral information at customer level and at cookie level when the prospect is unknown. It also helps to understand the behavior of the customer and retarget them which multiply the ROI.

Segmentation – This is the forte of DMP which makes it different from other CRM platforms. It not only fetches and segments data which is already stored in your database rather it helps you find the new prospects online from vendors by importing cookies from different places to find the most potential customers.

Results – After collecting and segmenting it provides the data required based on the given information to the software.

Now, after collecting and segmenting the information about prospects advertisers can buy the inventory using DSP.

Benefits of DMP

  • Data management platform has the capability to collect and consolidate data from different sources.
  • DMP has the capability to identify the information of the same customer collected from two or many other different sources.
  • DMP can segment the data into different categories and provide the information about customers anytime required.
  • DMP also helps in budget estimation. It helps the advertiser or publisher to know how they can generate the best ROI or get the best price of their inventory respectively.

Affiliate Marketing in India is flourishing with leaps and bounds and the development of such technologies gives it the impetus to just keep growing. The way DMP is making marketers equipped enabling them to ensure the highest ROI it also helps the publishers or affiliates to sell their inventory at the highest price. Hence, Data Management Platform is the requirement of all.

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