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Ad Blocking Apps – Don’t Panic

The origination of Ad blocking apps has created the ambiance of panic among marketers. The situation seems like their affiliate ads are not going to work out but, this not something about creating panic. Paying heed to some tips given would ensure you the same. If you are an advertiser and spending a considerable budget

5 Top Tips to Maximize the Benefits of Ad Spend

Affiliate Marketing has gained a foothold in marketing industry and is being seen as a promising marketing channel where advertisers can pay on the basis of performance of the publishers. Every week new surveys and studies by organizations reveal that affiliate marketing is growing and earning the trust of more and more brands making them

B2B Marketing Strategy for Display Advertising

It may be shocking but according to DoubleClick, the average click-through rate for display ads is 0.06% which is quite low than even getting a click from 1000 impressions. It clearly indicates that B2B marketers don’t consider affiliate marketing worthwhile for them as this approach does not live up to their expectations. But, actually it

Dealing with Ad Blocking

Internet is full of information and a major part of information on the internet is free. Millions of blogs and websites are updated every day with information and people access it free of cost. Audience pay by giving attention to the brand messages given alongside with the content in the lieu of getting information free

Making the Most of Retargeting

Spray and pray method does not work at all these days. Marketers need to be equipped with technology and insights for fetching desired results. Today the audiences have become smarter as they know your marketing obsession and even the tricks to get discount from the brand say by abandoning cart. You need to prevent them

Display Remarketing with Second-Party Data

Display remarketing for affiliate marketing ensures better ROI than trying to pursue only new customers every time. It also prevents brands from becoming a reason for inconvenience of people who don’t need their service or product. Let’s create a situation; you are preparing a presentation in mid-night instead of sleeping comfortably because you have to

In-app Fraud – Is It Bringing Clouds of Suspicion on Affiliate Marketing?

In-app Mobile Ads in Affiliate marketing has boomed tremendously in recent years. Mobile First strategy is working awesome in bringing umpteen numbers of conversions to the advertisers. Advertisers prefer promoting their apps along with their websites because people spend more time with their smart phones than desktops and according to e-Marketer total mobile spent globally

6 Effective Tips to Retarget Customers

Re-targeting is being used as the most effective tool in Affiliate Marketing. A customer once visited your website can leave the page at any stage of the purchase funnel. He needs to be retargeted to make him purchase the product. The concept of retargeting is very simple. When you know a person liked a particular

Cross Device Targeting – Indentifying customer at the top of the purchase funnel

Today’s tech savvy customers use multiple devices. They research about the product well, discuss with their peers before clicking on payment button. What is Cross-Device Targeting? Someone wants to buy an Air conditioner starts searching it on Google in his smart phone while travelling. He likes an air conditioner of renowned brand and immediately shares