6 Latest Facts You Should Know Before Heading to Programmatic Buying

Programmatic Buying is being gaining traction day by day. Marketers love to make the process of buying ads automated where there is no involvement of human being. The process is efficient enough to display ads at the right place to produce desired results in the limited budget by showing ads only to those who have more probability purchase the products. Here are 6 latest facts you should know before heading to programmatic buying.

1. Programmatic Ad Spent

According to the article posted on eMarketer on 3rd September, 2015, eMarketer expects UK programmatic display ad spending would reach $4.12 billion in 2015. Automated ads would account for nearly 60% of digital display market in UK in 2015. There are many other facts that support the rise of Programmatic Ad Spent around the world.

2. Enable Full funnel Tracking

Marketers are looking to follow the user on all devices. Finding a brand everywhere on internet including TV develops trust in the brand and the user easily comes down in the purchase funnel. This way programmatic buying increases the effectiveness.

3. Increases Efficiency

It helps to narrow the target audience accordingly based on data fetched and results shown by any campaign. The data involves geographies, times of day, audience segments and publishers etc. Unlike traditional ad buying where advertisers agrees to buy an inventory and has to run all the ads on same inventory whether getting the expected conversions or not.

4. Brands getting dependent on Programmatic Ad Buying

Brands are embracing programmatic ad buying in full swing. According to an Ad Tech company ‘Index Exchange’ brand’s in-house teams have purchased 11% ads in the end of 2013. In next one year by the end of 2014 the percentage rose to 15. The constant rise in the figures says that the brands want to leverage the benefits of programmatic ad buying.

5. Fighting with Fraud

Fighting with fraud in affiliate marketing has become a big problem and even the programmatic ad buying is not left untouched. Fraud in affiliate marketing is prevailed everywhere and all the publishers, advertisers along with customers need to come together and fight with ad fraud.

6. It’s not about displaying just Banner Ads

Affiliate Marketing has become technically proficient to display not just banner ads rather video and flash ads also displayed.  There are varied types of ads displayed in affiliate marketing.


Programmatic ad buying is on rise and the day is not far away when it will overtake the traditional ad buying. It is just because of ignorance that it’s taking time otherwise it has the potential to lead the affiliate marketing companies in India and across the world.

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