5 Things to Know Before Heading to Display Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising has been the topic of discussion among marketers for long and it has been adopted by many marketers. This is the programmatic method of displaying ads which is completely automatic done without the involvement of a single human being. The comprehensive automated process makes it more potential and fruitful.

The number of marketers adopting programmatic advertising in affiliate marketing is continuously rising. If you are also thinking to do so there are 5 things to know before heading to display programmatic advertising.

1. Choosing DSP :

You would need a DSP (Demand Side Platform) before entering into programmatic advertising. The platform offers you access to the exclusive inventory, it has the ability to execute operations based on the programs fed into it. It can also integrate directly with other technologies like app install or ad server tracking, special bidding and data pricing options.

You should research well before choosing a DSP since different platforms have their own set of nuances where different DSPs are ideal for different requirements. Choosing just any platform may result in hindering reporting capabilities and other tactical or optimization strategies. Choose the platform that completely fits to your requirements.

2. Retargeting Tactic :

Retargeting means targeting the prospects who have already shown their interest in the brand. This way it becomes easy to get better results in terms of clicks and conversions. These customers are at the top of the funnel in purchase path and the campaign should focus on bringing them at the bottom of the funnel.

Prospecting and filtering the customers helps brands to target the bull’s eye easily. Once the customers reach at landing page through display ads he or she is added in cookie pool of the brand and can be retargeted again with similar products.

3. Recency Retargeting :

Targeting customers based on recency is quite helpful. Recency Retargeting means targeting the customers who have recently visited your page. Their visit evaluates that they either liked the product or need it. Therefore, such prospects should be treated especially and bids should be increased. You should target the prospects who have visited your page in last 24 hours, 12 hours or 3 hours etc.

4. Mobile :

According to a report on eMarketer there will be 2 billion smart phone users worldwide and half of the mobile phone users worldwide will be smart phone users by 2018. Recently according to a New Media Forecasts report by ZenithOptimedia, smart phone penetration will reach 55.7% this year which rose from 41.6% in 2013 to 49.5% in 2014 in 47 countries.

The reports clearly indicate that the number of people surfing internet on mobile is continuously rising therefore marketers should also focus on such audience. Moreover, this was the only reason for which brands were advised to make their websites responsible so that they can be easily navigated on mobiles. Brands should also be present at apps since ComScore also predicts that app usage is responsible for 50% of digital media consumption.

5. Demographics & Offers :

Before heading to display programmatic advertising brands should also ensure that which demographic they are targeting. If you are selling woollens and targeting Southern India, it would just be the wastage of your time and resources.

Brands should also work in launching tempting offers. Especially by retargeting they can increases their customer base by offering an enticing offer when you know the customer has entered into the purchase path you just need to bring him at the bottom of the purchases funnel.

Affiliate Marketing in India is swiftly rising and progressively heading towards display programmatic advertising. Marketers should give heed to these five points before entering into the fully automated world of display advertising.

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