B2B Marketing Strategy for Display Advertising

It may be shocking but according to DoubleClick, the average click-through rate for display ads is 0.06% which is quite low than even getting a click from 1000 impressions. It clearly indicates that B2B marketers don’t consider affiliate marketing worthwhile for them as this approach does not live up to their expectations.

But, actually it is not only the ignorance of audience responsible for such a low performance of affiliate marketing for B2B marketers in India. Their approach is also wrong. They reach their audiences in same way B2C marketers do where they should bring some changes and think differently. Here are some tips for B2B marketing strategy for Display Advertising.

  • Customer Experience

Usually B2B marketers do not frequently update their websites as B2C website owners do. Consequently, the customer lands on the page which does not have the offer given on it. Improve your customer experience and ensure that he or she does not get disappointed after landing on the page.

  • Value Your Accounts

According to an article posted on MarketingLand, B2B websites receive 85% of the traffic which actually does not convert. These are researchers, job-seekers, friends, family, competitors or partners. So, it becomes important for marketers not to abuse their resources by displaying ads before the audience which is not going to convert. So, the right way is to value your accounts and ensure your message reaches to the right audience.

  • Metrics to Analyse

When we talk about display marketing people generally think about CTR or ROI. But, this is not the only metrics to be analyzed for B2B marketers. They should also think about many other metrics like pipeline, funnel velocity, close rates and lift etc. So, change your outlook towards viewing the results of your efforts and expenditure in display marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the successful marketing approaches for B2C marketers and it can bring same results for B2B as well, you just need to change your strategy. You can also get the best marketing suggestions from Affiliate Marketing Companies in India while looking for the perfect affiliate marketing campaign.

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