How Buy Buttons on Display Ads reducing intent-purchase gap

Marketers in Affiliate Marketing industry have been following the same strategy of buying ads for number of clicks or impression. But having a ‘Buy now’ button on display ads can increase the probability of getting the conversion done up to manifolds. The ever-changing fast paced technology is bringing new technology every time to ensure that brands are making the most of every single penny invested.

Adding buy button on display ads will simply eliminate many steps between intent and purchase like impression on ad, intent, click, landing page, and finally purchasing. Brands spend boatloads of money on purchasing impression or clicks on display ads where they just deliver a promotional message and appear like a promotional content. The involvement of these many steps drops-off the chances of purchase.

Initially some elite brands like Macy’s have added ‘Buy Now’ button on its display ads. Some visually oriented social media networks like Pinterest and Instagram have also taken the initiative. Pinterest has added ‘Buy Now’ button in its promoted pins and Instagram has announced to add ‘call-to-action’ buttons for different activities like downloading an app, purchasing or simply requesting more information.

Other brands trying to explore how buy buttons on display ads reducing intent-purchase gap are benefitting brands to maximise their ROI. Here are few points –

Sponsored content bring better ROI

The previous paradigm pay-per-click may ensure the numbers of click through to landing page but ‘Buy Now’ button increases the probability of conversion by providing the direct purchase opportunity. It brings better returns on each bid.

Targeting specific audience becomes more important

Since the bid with buy button is more promising, it should be displayed before the most specific audience. It should also be noted that these display ads entail higher bids since they are supposed to offer better ROI to the brands.

Make the ads enticing

Earlier the ads were displayed with the intention of getting maximum click through so the information given was not always accurate and was according to the landing page instead of product. But the description of the products with buy button must be catalogue ready including photos, descriptions and captions etc. to make it enticing.

Different platforms have different backend requirement

Brands need to understand the logistics of different platforms since they all are different like Pinterest needs third-party account entailing additional cost. Therefore, brands should have a look at all the costs involved in logistics before adding ‘Buy Now’ button.

Brands should keep abreast of the ever-changing fast paced technology. They can also collect information about latest technology from the Affiliate Marketing companies in India that always intimate their clients with the latest trends and the strategies of generating more ROI by spending less money.

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