Ad Blocking Apps – Don’t Panic

The origination of Ad blocking apps has created the ambiance of panic among marketers. The situation seems like their affiliate ads are not going to work out but, this not something about creating panic. Paying heed to some tips given would ensure you the same.

If you are an advertiser and spending a considerable budget on affiliate marketing, ad blocking apps would definitely seem like a devil. If the thought is continuously making you restless, read this and you would feel relaxed.

  • Keep close watch on your mobile expenditure

Keep a close watch on the returns of your mobile expenditure and calculate the average value of your mobile leads. The results will get you a big relief from the expected threat. Remember that only the latest versions of iPhone 6 with iOS 9 and those having the capacity to update iOS are supporting the app. Rest of the smart phones are working as usual.

  • Check the of reporting methods regularly

Check that your tracking system is actively working and is unaffected by these ad blockers. Since some marketers found that their Google tracking had been deactivated and they had to re-activate it. Hence, you will not be able to analyse the performance of your campaign if you can’t track the sales or leads.


  • Remember the objective of these Apps

Ad blocking apps are basically developed for users to ensure uninterrupted web surfing. It’s really frustrated for them to get a video playing on mobile while trying to close it hindering their activities of internet using.

A prominent Ad blocking app developer has killed its app just because he realised that the app was good for users but was violating the rights of marketers. All the ads are not nuisance there are some ads that are useful too. So, the ad blocking technology is being refined and we hope will not all the block the revenue driving ads.

Hence, refine your targeting too and try to provide more personalised ads to your audience. If they get what they need, they won’t even mind to let you show your ads.

  • Include Native Ads

You can also find some alternative to ad blocking and native ads are the good approach. Since the native ads cannot be easily blocked. It has also gained a huge traction in last few months among marketers since the audience trust them more. You can also place your affiliate ads before the free games that the user is trying to play.

For more information and suggestions about ad blocking and taking some sidesteps you can also consult your affiliate marketing company in India. Also try to sign up with the company that is working with authentic publishers for the sake of your brand reputation. Ad-Blocking Apps may be a threat but there is nothing about to be panicked.

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