Marketing Strategy

Steps to Measure Your Marketing Strategy Effectively

Analyzing your marketing strategy on regular interval is utmost necessary. Looking back at your work will help you track the growth of your marketing efforts. Whether you analyze it quarterly, weekly or monthly that is one’s prerogative. In today’s times, it is important not only to run a successful campaign but to also see how

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Meet iCubesWire at Affiliate World Asia

iCubesWire will be present at Affiliate World Asia – the global affiliate conference being held on 6th-7th December 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand. Mr. Sahil Chopra, founder & CEO will be happy to meet you over discussions & meetings. Please email us for booking an appointment – Affiliate World Asia is the world’s largest super affiliate conference


Video Advertising is All Set to Lead 2017

Video is more interesting and easier to grab than any other form of content. So, Video will lead in 2017. It will account for 74% of all internet traffic by 2017, according to Synadacast. Advertisers are all set to increase their budget in coming years on online video advertising. According to a survey done by


Revolutionizing the Display Advertising Industry with Beacon

Display Advertising is much about technology than creativity. It requires a creative idea but technology is revolutionizing the display advertising industry. It started with serving banner ads to the audience in India then the ‘CMP’ technology enabled advertisers to serve different creative at different levels in the purchase funnel to the same user through affiliate


A Step-Wise guide of Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising has been a buzzword in India since its inception as it eradicates human involvement in placing ads and works in real-time. The lack of knowledge about programmatic advertising is the biggest reason for marketer’s hesitation to brace it. Doing Programmatic advertising is not a rocket science, it just requires knowledge about DMP, DSP,


5 Effective Tips to Attain CPI Paradigm

An Impression in CPI campaign is aimed to achieve view-ability and brand awareness. The success of the CPI ad campaign depends on the number of people view it. Publishers are paid on the basis of the numbers of impressions. But, how advertisers can make sure that branding is done in the picture perfect manner without


Checking Out Transformations in Retargeting

Many brands and advertisers are still chasing their prospects with the old-fashioned cookie based retargeting. Once the user clicks on any ad and lands on the landing page of the advertiser to see a product or services, the same product follows him everywhere. Sometimes it gets annoying to the user and deteriorates the brand reputation.


Video Giving Wings to Display Marketing

Display Marketing is actually unstoppable. Sooner or later it will be the primary promotional strategy for all business in future. It’s dynamic in nature and encompasses all marketing requirements like branding, re-marketing, and ultimately converting the prospect into customer. Rather, it is sometimes better than TV ads which is the most conventional method of promotion.