Revolutionizing the Display Advertising Industry with Beacon

Display Advertising is much about technology than creativity. It requires a creative idea but technology is revolutionizing the display advertising industry. It started with serving banner ads to the audience in India then the ‘CMP’ technology enabled advertisers to serve different creative at different levels in the purchase funnel to the same user through affiliate marketing. Moreover, they could be made personalized on the basis of data available about the prospect.

Advertisers also leveraged the potential of videos and native advertising. It translates into that display advertising is sprawling endlessly encompassing text, rich media, and video etc. Beacon is also something revolutionary. It certainly adds to the numbers of footfalls on the store and now the online marketers are also leveraging it.

What is Beacon?

Beacon itself is a tiny device that connects to the mobile devices through Bluetooth technology. It runs on battery and can be attached to any other object.

How is it used for advertising?

The technology of beacon is used to deliver the message to the customers pass by through the beacon’s range and having the advertiser’s app or a third-party app. The range can be 800 feet or more in all directions.

Beacon is attached to the billboards or hoarding falling in the perfect proximity to the people pass by like bus shelters, lamp posts, stations and also on buses, taxis etc.


Now, advertisers can deliver messages after acknowledging the requirements of the people on the basis of geography, weather or other activities taking place in surrounding.

For instance, a taxi or cab service provider can offer a discount to the students going to give exam and waiting for the bus at a bus shelter. They can also place the beacon at the examination center and deliver their offer to drive them to the bus or railway station.

It can be the best option to be present at all the places where there are the maximum chances of finding the potential audience.


Privacy is the biggest concern when it comes to entering into the customer’s mobile. This should be ensured that beacon technology should have an opt-in option like emails before entering into the prospects mobile. Ideally, it should be his choice to receive your messages or not.

Display Adverting is exploring new avenues day by day. Advertisers should be keen about technology before planning a strategy for their brand. They can get a helping from affiliate ad networks in India since they have been endeavoring to help brand with customer acquisition. The lack of knowledge is the biggest hurdle in making the most of the technology in display advertising and reap the benefits.

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  • Huawei
    December 3, 2016 at 1:16 pm

    Wow, this would be a great way to advertise to mobile phones in retail markets or residential areas. Very creative!