Top 5 Mobile Marketing Trends to Watch out in 2017

The mobile phone is the most popular digital device on the planet with 1.7 billion users and counting. It is by far the most convenient, user friendly and a constantly evolving medium. There are new mobile marketing trends emerging with the blink of an eye and 2017 is surely going to be one such remarkable year. With path breaking trends to watch out for, the mobile marketing companies are all set to take everyone by storm.

Here Are Top 5 Mobile Marketing Trends to Watch Out

1. The Benefits of Going Hyper- Local

Local based marketing is the new age method of engaging well with the customers as it is convenient, fast and the user is directly involved with the things that are related to his interest. Plus, it is also beneficial for the brands as they can be aware about people looking out for them or for similar options. Following up becomes easy and well targeted.
Local based mobile marketing

2. Seeking the Helping Hand of Google’s Amp

Google’s accelerated mobile pages helps load pages extremely quickly. This method will provide an enhanced experience to the user. Mobile marketing companies will be also benefited from the same as the search results will be more accurate. Though it is still in the nascent state, AMP is the future to watch out for in 2017.

amp mobile marketing

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3. Engagement Rises by Connecting on One-to-one Basis

Various mobile messaging are enjoying the thunderous success and are a great medium for a user to connect with anyone easily and at dirt cheap prices. More and more apps are coming up these days which are based on the same concept. Seeking advantage from this thought, many mobile marketing companies are messaging their loyalty as well as prospective customers via messages which is quite helpful for both the customers and the companies.

sms-mobile marketing

4. Retention Is More Important than Mere Downloading

According to a survey in 2016, only 6% of people who had installed the app were actually using it. So, an app with the highest number of downloads might still not be used by many which isn’t a good news for the app in the long run. The mobile marketing companies have started to realize that a small chunk of people who are actively using the app are far more profitable. With the help of mobile re-marketing, brands are reaching out to the new customers, ensuring that they are actively engaging with the downloaded app.

retention of user

5. Ar & Vr Is the Future to Look out For

With augmented and virtual reality application, the mobile marketing companies are bridging the gap between reality and the virtual world. 3D gaming and interactive applications provide lifelike interactive solutions to people which leave people in awe. Banking upon the versatility and the wide scope it has, mobile marketing companies are pushing themselves to create revolutionary products.

vr - ar mobile marketing

These trends are surely going to ease out the mobile life of 1.7 happy users even more, who will be benefited from such innovations while the brands will enjoy the stardom that they truly deserve!

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