5 Effective Tips to Attain CPI Paradigm

An Impression in CPI campaign is aimed to achieve view-ability and brand awareness. The success of the CPI ad campaign depends on the number of people view it. Publishers are paid on the basis of the numbers of impressions.

But, how advertisers can make sure that branding is done in the picture perfect manner without any flaw or trick. Many times, the flaws in ad campaign even deteriorate the brand reputation. Here are some tips that advertisers and publishers, both should make sure and even the Affiliate Ad Networks should keep an eye on it.

  1. Ad Fraud

The existence of the ad fraud is terribly unfortunate practice in Affiliate Marketing. According to an article on Marketing Land, 11 percent of all display ads are clicked by robots instead of humans and same happens with 23 percent of video ads.

Such practices should be stopped immediately. Ad networks should thoroughly check the promotion methods of their publishers and even advertisers can demand the detailed report on promotion methods of the publishers.

  1. Over-serving Ad

More is not always better. Over-serving an ad can also result in deterioration of brand reputation. Instead, the prospect should be targeted with different ads to move him down in the purchase funnel. The ultimate aim of any campaign is to generate conversions. Advertisers can also resort to the technique of capping of an ad to prevent over-serving.

  1. Prefer User Experience

User experience should be the prime objective any publisher. Since messing up with the user experience has already resulted in Ad Blockers. Click bait is another problem user suffers from as landing on an irrelevant page is infuriating. Publishers should ensure that their strategy of getting impressions does not compromise with the user experience. The ads should not be intrusive at all.

  1. Bring Ad in Context

Don’t be straight forward and ask people to buy a product or service from you. It does not work. Bring your ad in a context. A B2C online clothing merchandise can offer its products on the occasion of Diwali, bringing in the context of wearing ethnic on Diwali.

  1. Keep Customer’s Privacy Intact

Customers are now concerned about their privacy. Customers know that downloading a free online game can let the owner get access to their personal information as well. So avoid peeping into their personal life and also avoid offering something at the cost of their personal information.

Attaining CPI Paradigm :

Cost per impression is the most availed Ad campaign for branding purpose. Keeping the tips in mind can easily make a CPI campaign successful. Ultimately, it can be said that being transparent in the process of generating impressions can help to avoid all the flaws.

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