Checking Out Transformations in Retargeting

Many brands and advertisers are still chasing their prospects with the old-fashioned cookie based retargeting. Once the user clicks on any ad and lands on the landing page of the advertiser to see a product or services, the same product follows him everywhere. Sometimes it gets annoying to the user and deteriorates the brand reputation.

Retargeting is not done this way rather some new techniques and technologies have made retargeting easy and customer-friendly. It should be done to cash the opportunity by bringing the item or service before the customer which he needs. Many a times, customer keeps seeing the product he has already purchased, this is sheer wastage of capital, time and efforts. Let’s decode some new techniques and make retargeting user-friendly –

Exposure Based Retargeting

Now, it is not necessary to get the user click on the ad to have him eligible for retargeting. Advertising has become data driven these days, Programmatic advertising opens the door to retarget all your potential prospects even when they don’t click on the ads. If a new mom sees and ad of diapers, she can be chased with ads on different other platforms whether she has clicked on it or not.

Engagement Based Retargeting

The innovative technology also lets advertisers to engage with the ad. For instance, the user is asked to apply makeup on the model’s face and check the products. She can be further retargeted with the products she used in the make-up pallet. Data driven technique of retargeting also lets the advertiser know the position of the user in the purchase funnel and he can be retargeted with different types of ads to adopt a story-telling approach.

Simple Tips for Retargeting

  • Remember one shoe does not fit all. So don’t take all the user on the home page. The user got engaged with a product should be taken to the landing page to check out and the user who checked blog should be taken to white papers or tutorial videos for more information.
  • Retarget the existing customers with some different tactic, by offering some higher-priced service or subscriptions.
  • Exiting customers should be retargeted with other similar products instead of the same. For example the mom who bought diapers should be offered diaper rash cream.
  • Send informative or promotional content to the customers who have not turned to your website for long.


Retargeting should be highly data driven and done with a strategy. It’s time to connect with individuals for marketing instead of masses at a time. Transform your strategy and techniques since the audience is techno-savvy and shrewd.

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