Video Advertising is All Set to Lead 2017

Video is more interesting and easier to grab than any other form of content. So, Video will lead in 2017. It will account for 74% of all internet traffic by 2017, according to Synadacast. Advertisers are all set to increase their budget in coming years on online video advertising.

According to a survey done by Cowen and Company, US digital video ad spending is predicted to keep rising from $9.90 billion in 2016 to $28.08 billion in 2020. Different types of videos are now being served online including TV in full swing. Be it any platform, they are producing desired results. Let’s discuss the platforms to serve video.

  • usdigitalvideoads In-Stream Video

In-Stream Video advertising is perfect for branding. It is done by serving a video content before, after or in between a piece of video content. It brings best results when a relevant video is played. Pre-roll video ads ensure high conversion rate when a tight message is served with strong CTA in starting of the 15 to 30 seconds pre-roll video. Since in-stream video ads can be skipped after five seconds.

  • Display Video

Display Video is replacing standard banner ads on webpages with video ads. These video ads can be auto-played and should be relevant to the content on the webpage as well as highly targeted on the basis of the customer’s history. A compelling video with a strong call to action can certainly drive a higher number of conversions.

  • Social Video

Social Video has the plus point over in-stream and display that the videos are sharable and are well integrated with other content on the platform. It is also equipped with other features like ‘commenting’ and ‘liking’. Once shared from the news feed, it can be further disseminated organically.

Advertisers can also choose to auto-play these videos. Customers are also enjoying these videos when played without sound. The starting 3 seconds of the video should be compelling enough to stop the customer from scrolling down and getting him engrossed, especially with the auto-play feature.

  • Mobile

Being handy in every hand video consumption on mobile would be doubled in 2017 in last three years according to data obtained from comScore Inc., Nielsen and ZenithOptimedia. Moreover, in accordance with Mobile Marketing Association, 68% of mobile videos are non-skippable leading to higher completion rates and CTRs. In order to bring the best results, the mobile video should be optimized for small screen and highly targeted.

usdigitalvideoviewer Making the Most of All

The video ad campaign should be making the most of all via programmatic and cross-channel video advertising. In order to leverage the best results of your campaign, advertisers can take the help of any leading performance marketing company in India. A customer should be served with optimized video ads on all the devices he is using to bring him down gradually in the purchase funnel through different types of videos. Different platforms can be availed for different needs like branding and converting.

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