How Can Brands Drive Traffic to Their Instagram Page?

Instagram is the new age social media which is fun, easily accessible and gaining immense popularity. While, it is the best platform for the photographers to exhibit their extraordinary skills, it is becoming a powerful hub for businesses to showcase their USP as well.

Initially, Instagram wasn’t considered a potential platform for business but now it has created a necessary place of its own. There are 4 reasons which account to the astounding success as it is the source of visual marketing, it is the fastest growing social media marketing platform, generates high quality leads and you’re likely to find the target audience and drive traffic to Instagram.

With 300 million users and counting, many brands are seeking opportunities to interact with the audience and let their products resonate in the minds of people. The challenge lies in the fact as to what is the best way to utilize the platform fully.

Here Are a Few Ways to Drive Traffic to Instagram Page:

1. Share your link in the bio

It is important to drive traffic by letting people know about your company in the bio itself with the help of the link.

2. Use Hashtags Appropriately

While it is important to include hashtags in your caption, one should not over use it. Use the appropriate ones or else it will lead to a lot of spillage.

3. Use Appealing Images with Right Filters

Instagram is all about photos. Thus, using appealing images is the key factor as it will attract the audience instantly urging them to connect with the brand further.

4. Be Consistent While Posting

Being consistent is the key to pave way into the audience’s mind as the more they see any post/photo/blog from a brand the more they will get acquainted with it. However, being regular doesn’t mean over posting.

5. Run Contests and Deals

It is important to increase the engagement of audience and what better way than running contests and giving discount offers and attractive deals.

6. Be Exclusive

It goes without saying that you must stand out of the rest, so make sure your content strategy, captions, photos etc. are different and more attractive than the rest.

7. Invest in Influencers and Instagram Ads

If you can get influencers to market your product in some way, it is highly likely to shoot up your engagement rate thereby increasing traffic on your site leading to sales. Same goes for the sponsored ads as they will reach a wider audience very quickly.

8. Be Active and Highly Responsive

Following up with people’s comments and queries is necessary. It is good to engage with them on personal level and being active to their remarks.

Though there are other factors that you should be keeping in mind these are primary steps that will help your business grow on the fastest growing social media platform called Instagram!

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