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A Step-Wise guide of Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising has been a buzzword in India since its inception as it eradicates human involvement in placing ads and works in real-time. The lack of knowledge about programmatic advertising is the biggest reason for marketer’s hesitation to brace it. Doing Programmatic advertising is not a rocket science, it just requires knowledge about DMP, DSP,

Checking Out Transformations in Retargeting

Many brands and advertisers are still chasing their prospects with the old-fashioned cookie based retargeting. Once the user clicks on any ad and lands on the landing page of the advertiser to see a product or services, the same product follows him everywhere. Sometimes it gets annoying to the user and deteriorates the brand reputation.

Video Giving Wings to Display Marketing

Display Marketing is actually unstoppable. Sooner or later it will be the primary promotional strategy for all business in future. It’s dynamic in nature and encompasses all marketing requirements like branding, re-marketing, and ultimately converting the prospect into customer. Rather, it is sometimes better than TV ads which is the most conventional method of promotion.

Header Bidding – A Win-Win Situation for Both

Programmatic advertising is being accepted by more number of advertisers and publishers these days where header bidding is acting as a catalyst for its acceptance. They are now choosing the platform which is fully automated but still it’s also in developing phase. Publishers have to go through ‘waterfall’ approach for offering their inventory to the

Metrics to Measure the Success of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has driven a lot of attention of marketers and advertisers. It’s new and completely non-intrusive as it’s all about influencing instead of tempting or forcing. An influencer marketing campaign encompasses finding and sealing the deal with an influencer, developing content for the brand and finally making it viral. After everything is done, it’s

Ad Networks Delivering Optimal Results in India

India is a country having world’s third largest internet user base thereby holding the potential to let e-commerce and other businesses flourish in a full-flagged manner. Affiliate Marketing acts as the anchor between merchants and consumers available online. According to a new research from Forrester, Affiliate Marketing Industry is expected to grow as big as

Rise of Display Marketing in 2016

Display marketing is growing continuously since it is capable to assist everyone with benefits. Advertisers get conversions, affiliates get paid for the traffic on their websites as well as the audience is not in loss since they get valuable content on publisher’s website free of cost in the lieu of just watching those ads. Display

To-do list for the beginning of 2016

Affiliate Marketing touched new avenues this year. Studies and researches held it in limelight where the experts kept talking about them. All the achievements and fame of Affiliate Marketing made one thing clear that the performance is going to continue this year as well. Since, change is the law of life marketers should keep trying