3 Points to Change Your Notion about Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is a comprehensively automated process where no human intervention takes place. Marketers are also embracing it on a large scale. For the first time in 2015, programmatic digital display ad spend was 59% of total display ad spend which is more than traditional direct buying.

The number is even expected to grow since eMarketer has estimated that the percentage will become 72% by 2017. It indicates that a large of marketers will be using programmatic buying but still many have not planned to use it and many are not making the best of programmatic advertising. Here are 3 points to change your notion about programmatic advertising.

1. Programmatic is integrated full-funnel marketing

Many affiliate marketers use it only to target the audience in lower funnel. However, the advertising strategy holds the potential to squeeze out the best results. To make the most of the programmatic marketing, marketers should consider upper funnel and lower funnel audience in silos.

Drive the best outcome of the technology and make an integrated programmatic strategy for prospecting & promotions from upper funnel as well as retargeting & loyalty from the lower funnel. But, make sure the audience in both the funnels are separated by the partner otherwise the advertisers may suffer from over expense and over exposure to the customers. Exclude the existing users from the upper funnel and new users from the lower funnel.

2. Programmatic is not just media buying, it’s personalized as well

Apart from DMP (Data Management Platform), DSP (Demand Side Platform) and SSP (Supply Side Platform) what most of the marketers know about programmatic is RTB (Real-Time Bidding). But, it’s not just about media buying in real-time bidding rather advanced advertisers make the most of the technology by targeting the prospects with personalized creative.

Gone are the days when marketing was about exposing the brand name to the masses. It now entails problem-solving criteria by reaching person to person in different forms and therefore, make ‘Personalization’ the key point of your promotional strategy. Integrate the data-driven technologies and serve the user you won in RTB with personalized creative.

3. Integrated performance metrics

Affiliate Marketing is also known as performance marketing where the KPI’s are based on CPA
(Cost per action) method.  Performance metrics for both the funnels should be different. For upper funnel, you should only count the number of new visitors to the website and should check that your partner is not sending the same lower funnel audience again and again.

Bringing new customers to the website is not enough, the performance should be deeply counted on the basis of engagement of the customer with the website. It should be checked with the help of bounce rate, time spent on the website as well as the number of pages visited.

Making the most of programmatic :

Programmatic advertising is all set to hold the highest share of display advertising in future and therefore, it becomes necessary for marketers to understand and apply it well to reap the best results. Your ignorance can make your money invested worthless. Take the help of Affiliate Ad Networks in India to learn and understand it whole in a better way. Learn, plan and then put your valuable money in real-time bidding.

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