5 Stats to consider for Display Marketing in 2016

The year 2015 got inundated with stats of studies and surveys. Most of them were signifying the rise of Affiliate Marketing worldwide. The platform is gaining traction because it is performance based which makes it economical. Here are 5 Stats to consider for Display Marketing in 2016 that built in 2015.

1. Display Ad Spent to reach $37.36 billion in US by 2017

Display Advertising might be surrounded by many hurdles like Ad fraud and ad blocking but it is still a rising star with confidence boosting stats. eMarketer estimates that total ad spent in US in 2016 will be $27.05 billion and will again grow to make it $37.36 billion by 2017. The stats would relieve marketers panicked with Ad blocking and ad fraud.

2. Programmatic Spent to become 60% of Mobile Display

Programmatic Advertising in affiliate marketing is steadily rising. Stats by eMarketer reveal that marketers are now relying on Programmatic Advertising. The programmatic display ad spent in US was more than that of traditional direct sales and this happened for the first time in history. Mobile display dominated on programmatic advertising with 60% of total display ad spent on programmatic.

3. 70% Viewability threshold Says IAB

Viewability has appeared as a big issues these days. IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) says in its State of Viewability Transaction 2015 statement, that achieving 100% viewability is “unreasonable” rather the campaign should reach 70% viewability threshold. However the industry standard are different for desktop which is viewing 50% pixels for 1 second for display ad and same 50% pixels for 2 seconds for video ads.

4. Display Ad Viewability witnessed no variation between 2013 and 2014

ComScore released a report in March of 2015 that display ad spent rates remained 46% throughout and did not show any variation between 2013 and 2014.

5. Ad Blocking caused loss of $21.8 billion Ad Revenue

Ad blocking appeared as a biggest threat for affiliate marketers this year. According to a report released by PageFair and Adobe in August of 2015, ad Blocking caused the estimated loss of $21.8 billion in ad revenue this year in US and is expected to reach $41.4 billion in 2016.

The report also says in US there are now 198 million active ad blockers monthly worldwide. In the second quarter of 2015 the number of ad blockers rose to 41% as compared to the number a year before.

After learning and reading all the stats experts summarize that the industry holds the potential to rise and grow in future as well. New Affiliate Marketing Companies in India are evolving and the existing are growing making display marketing industry bigger in India.

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