Ad Networks Delivering Optimal Results in India

India is a country having world’s third largest internet user base thereby holding the potential to let e-commerce and other businesses flourish in a full-flagged manner. Affiliate Marketing acts as the anchor between merchants and consumers available online. According to a new research from Forrester, Affiliate Marketing Industry is expected to grow as big as $6.8 billion over the next five years.

The seamless performance of affiliate marketing in India is continuously making investors to increase their investments helping the industry grow steadily. Ad Networks in India play the most important role by giving a robust platform to advertiser and publishers streamlining the working of the industry. Here are 4 points showing how Ad Networks Delivering Optimal Results in India are flourishing.

1. Encompassing Comprehensive Affiliate Marketing

The audience is not limited to a single device these days. They frequently change from laptops to tablets or mobile phones. It strives to engage the customer through complete marketing funnel providing optimal outcome since operating direct-response campaign is its forte.

Publishers continuously produce engaging and useful content for their audience and make it accessible on all the devices to ensure utmost visibility and achieving the target of the affiliate marketing campaign before the deadline.

2. Made Tracking across the Funnel a Tool

Affiliate marketing has become technically very sound to track the activities of the customer across the purchase funnel. It enables marketers to understand the problems and challenges of the customer to help in enhancing the user experience. Attribution Modelling also helps to assess the performance of different touch points available to bring conversion in Affiliate Marketing.

Attribution Modelling is the set of rules assigning the credit for sale or conversion to all touch points which untimely helps to leverage the best possible benefits as well as fostering a healthy relationship between partners. Publishers can also identify their forte and shortcomings.

3. Keeping Eagle’s Eye on Ad fraud

Fraud is a blemish on the grace of affiliate marketing. Advertisers want to invest in the ad network that assures them of fraud-free environment understanding the value of their every single penny invested. Ad networks are taking all the measures to prevent fraud by testing the browser plugins or apps used by publishers as well as bringing transparency in their work to meet the satisfaction criteria of advertisers.

4. Evaluating and fortifying their publishers

High performing publishers are the gems of any ad network. Publishers should also get smart to attract compatible advertisers since promoting renowned and high-paying advertiser increases their revenue. Affiliate Ad networks in India also appreciate their publishers by paying them high revenue based on their performance and keep their confidence high.

Affiliate Marketing in India is flourishing by leaps and bounds. Ad networks are also doing their best and catching the eyes of foreign investors also by delivering optimal results and prudently reaching 354 million internet users in India.

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