Tips To Lead the Path of Future-Focused Display Advertising

The rise of Ad Blocking is quietly imposing a question mark on the growth of display advertising, however, the rise of programmatic advertising favours as a strong point to lead the topic. The technology is continuously favouring the display advertising also everyday improving the working, transparency and the efficiency of the most acceptable niche of digital marketing.

According to eMarketer more than two-third of all display advertising will be bought programmatically in the US. The data predicts that the promotional strategy is unstoppable since technology is continuously fostering it. Advertisers need to be future-focused and can take the right decision with the help of Affiliate Ad Networks in India to leverage the best ROI from their investments.

Here are three tips to lead the path of future-focused display advertising :-

  1. Target customers by incorporating mobile with native

There were 2.6 billion smartphone subscriptions globally in 2015 and it is expected to be 6.1 billion by 2020 according to TechCrunch. Such a huge penetration sets the right platform to target customers. But, the expectations come true when the strategy is executed in a right way.   Mobile users are getting demanding too, according to eMarketer 35% of respondents out of 4500 internet users aged 18 years and above said they want more personalized apps and websites.

Such stats indicate the fact that the audience can be better targeted on their mobiles with something that is non-intrusive and personalized as well. This can be better done with the help of Native Ads that perfectly match the look and feel of the website. In order to ensure success, follow all the available tips to make the native advertising campaign successful.

  1. Leverage the Power of Video Canvas

Imagine you can reach your highly targeted audience that has already entered in the purchase funnel and can be easily pushed down by sequential storytelling through the rich and dynamic medium. The drawback of TV broadcast is that it is quite difficult to meet the mood of the audience.

According to a research report published on eMarketer, roughly two-third of marketers in the US are expected to increase their video ad spend on both desktop and mobile. IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) polled 360 agencies and in-house marketers and found that 63% of respondents would increase their video ad spend on desktop while 62% would increase on mobile.

The automated process of serving ads through RTB enables marketers to leverage the best of powerful video canvas across the breadth of connected screens through the web. It also helps marketers to make the most of the data they have gathered and target the right audience at the right time. eMarketer also predicts that the video ad spend on desktop would double itself till 2019 as compared to 2014.


  1. Extend Lifetime Value by making right use of data

Data plays a major role in display advertising as digital marketing is not about targeting masses with one ad at a time. It’s about targeting individuals based on their behaviour, location, interests and the position in the purchase funnel. All this is done by targeting and retargeting but the data is often underutilized since advertisers fail to execute it with a right strategy.

Lifetime value of the customer can also be extended by retargeting him with the help of data accumulated about him. Advertisers can also eliminate the waste by harnessing the power of data.

Key points to lead the path of future for display advertising:

Leveraging the power of native ads on mobile, video ads on desktop and mobile as well as data can help the advertisers to win in spite of all the odds. The best publisher network in India can help advertisers to execute all the tips effortlessly and strategically.

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