What are the best Affiliate marketing tools in Ad Networks

India is showing rampant growth in the realm of Affiliate Marketing with the abundance of Affiliate Marketing Networks which are significantly rising in number. Both publishers and advertisers are harnessing the advantage of this platform where they are devoid of the risks of any loss. Their profits may differ in the volume but they are always sure of gaining something with every campaign.

The market is witnessing the rise of networks and affiliates every day. Millions of campaigns are started, paused, resumed and stopped every day. Every dawn comes with new affiliates looking for a network to sign up with. Google results inundated with a large number of affiliate ad networks in India perplex them.

However, there are many factors that should be kept in mind while choosing an affiliate ad network in India but one should look for certain tools facilitated by the network as a must have feature.

Customized Ads

The facility of customized ads helps an affiliate to get the ads changed based on his interest and priority. He can customize the ads to get different ads displayed every time just like rotation. They are customized on the basis of the desires meeting the publisher’s needs.

Informational videos

Along with text and images the network should also provide the facility of informational videos. The more the merrier as more number of ad display media will definitely lead to more conversions.

Data feed import tools

Data Feed import tools are very useful for publishers as they get the variety to show at their webpage. If they have immense traffic and users from every walk of life, they can sell products in various categories. Data feed import tool enables publishers to show ads of thousands of products automatically.

Search boxes

Search boxes help user or customer to search the products or services of merchant’s website on publisher’s website and the results are displayed on merchant’s website. The facility prompts customers to search instantly ultimately getting a conversion at merchant’s website.

Dynamic Ads or coupon feeds

The facility of dynamic ads helps an affiliate to get the ads changed based on his desire and convenience in real time. For instance, you want to add a CTA in your ad “Hurry! Only _ days left”. Then the number of days will keep changing automatically in real-time.

All these tools provided by the affiliate ad networks in India will lead the affiliate to get more conversions and ultimately more revenue.

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