Mobile Advertising Revolution in Affiliate Marketing 2015

With the passage of time the world is getting digital and the number of smart phones is remarkably rising. Therefore, marketers involved in Affiliate Marketing are making the best use of Mobile Advertising in India. Smart phones are primarily used for calling but their utility is increasing day by day. They are multi-functional as apart from clicking selfies, reading mails, playing games, chatting, health monitoring, listening music, and paying videos smart phones are also used for online shopping.

When it comes to shopping marketers expanded their reach on smart phones through Affiliate Marketing programs in India. All the leading online stores are convincing people to install their free mobile apps in smart phones and do shopping from their portal. Their efforts are not limited to serving free mobile apps to stimulate people to shop from their portals rather they are focusing on Affiliate Marketing Mobile Re-targeting in India.

Benefits of serving ads on mobile phones are not limited not limited to instant conversion through deep linking rather it influences both online and offline shopping where retargeting is the powerful tool for conversion.

What is Re-targeting?

Re-targeting is the process of serving relevant ads to user based on his previous purchase and window shopping. This can be achieved by placing a tracking pixel on advertiser’s website, usually it is done from ad network’s end. The pixel places a cookie in the user’s browser enabling advertiser’s ads to follow the user’s online activities and ultimately asking the user to install your app based on his interest.

Now, the user will notice the same or relevant ads again and again. This will stimulate the user to buy product along with many other benefits. Hence, retargeting increases the conversion rates, brings true ROI, address the most targeted audience, as well as improves brand awareness.

Precaution in Mobile Re-targeting

Re-targeting Ads is quite impressive and brings desirable results but precautions should be taken before re-targeting becomes nuisance. When the same ad follow user everywhere and ascertain its widespread presence on web, it might annoy the user beyond a limit. To prevent this situation, marketers can use capping. Over promotion might lead the user to block advertiser’s cookie.

Frequency Caps

Frequency caps in mobile ad retargeting will restrict the number of times a tagged user is noticing the advertiser’s ads around the web. Ideally 17-20 ads per user per month are recommend going beyond this limit re-targeting might deteriorate your brand reputation.

Limitations of Mobile Re-targeting

Unlike desktops or laptops mobile browsers do not support cookies and tracking becomes difficult. Apart from this there is wide variety of mobile phones and multitude of browsing methods like Apps, mobile web and search. Circulating the technology supporting all the devices and browsing methods is quite difficult.

New strategies in Mobile Re-targeting

There are few new strategies that can combat the limitations of Mobile Re-targeting

Cloud-based Mobile Re-targeting

It improves the effectiveness of ads by providing access to the huge pool of mobile app and site data. It allows advertisers to run their ad tech infrastructure on a standardized, open platform and customize the ads meeting their individual needs.

Location Re-targeting

It serves the most relevant ads of the product and services available in the vicinity by tracking location data to identify typical shopping patterns of the user. For example, perceiving that the user is interested in healthy lifestyle it can serve the ads of nearby golf courses, gyms as well as the grocery stores to find organic products or diet supplements.

Mobile Fingerprinting

Mobile fingerprinting is about collecting anonymous data from app publishers, wireless networks, and site logins to tailor ads. This data helps to identify the user based on his interests, age, gender and income.

Positive In-App Re-targeting

Positive In-App Retargeting is using initial app downloads to up-sell established users.

Mobile Re-targeting is gaining traction day by day and soon will be some the first choice of marketers as the number of smart phone users in increasing as well as they spend more time with their phones as compared to desktops and laptops. Hence, it increases the possibility of conversions. Affiliate Marketing Ad Networks in India are getting advanced day by day and serving their customers with most effective promotional strategies.

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