Tips for naive affiliate marketers


Affiliate Marketing is something which is based on win-win situation where the advertiser, affiliate and buyer all get benefited. Everyone has the reason to get happy.

Advertiser is happy because a product is sold, affiliate is happy because he got commission and buyer is happy because he was directed to purchase the right product he needed.

But a naive affiliate can become happier by following these tips.

Forcing visitor to buy

Emphasize on helping the visitor rather than selling. Helping visitor by giving true information about the product will definitely help you earn trust and the assurance that the visitor will come again searching your help.

Excessive ads

Do not stuff your pages with ads. Lot of ads on the page will create confusion and the visitor will end up leaving the page instead of purchasing. Join the affiliate network that is suitable for you rather than making futile efforts of joining multitude of affiliate marketing networks.

Personal experience

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and then test the offer. Is it really worth purchasing? This will prevent you from making fake promises and exaggerations.


Track your sales since the demographic information acquired will help you to boost the sales.


The best way to put your offers is to compare two or three similar products. This helps the visitor to learn and make a right choice for purchasing the product.

Using the following tips naive affiliates can increase their revenue exponentially as these are the mistakes made commonly by affiliates. As affiliate marketing is performance is performance based, you should join the affiliate marketing company in India that serves multiple domains and offer high payouts.

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