Cash the cumulative growth of e-commerce with affiliate marketing in 2015

E-commerce is creating a buzz these days and all the online stores are making the most of performance based marketing. E-commerce is thriving in India. Internet access in smart phones is expanding its reach and tantalizing people to purchase items online where affiliate marketing is the most responsible for this. It displays ads everywhere on web exciting people to learn more about the product and ultimately lead them to purchase that.

The technology of cookies follows the users according to their interest and retargets them with the product which is bringing highly effective results.  In this context the study of Assocham-PwC can boost the ambitions of people associated with affiliate marketing. The study reveals that the average annual expenditure of Indians on online shopping is expected to rise 67%. This translates into that it will reach Rs. 10,000 which currently measured to be Rs. 6000.

The study also reveals that computer and consumer electronics along with apparel and accessories is expected to accommodate the lion’s share that is 42% which is currently 39%. Affiliate marketers will steal the show in 2015 as they will generate 67% more sales. Online stores are also all set to lure their customers with attractive deals and offers.

The discount offers in the form of coupons drives the majority of traffic on these stores. Shopaholics spend hours and hours in search of right deal for the product they want to purchase. Sometimes they purchase just because the item is available at discount price. Affiliate Ad Networks in India is also looking forward to turn 2015 into the most successful and prosperous year as the figures are clearly saying that the year is going to be the most lucrative.

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