Affiliate Marketing – it’s an opportunity to earn for hobby bloggers


The advent of blogs was an opportunity for those who to share their views and ideas with others. They started sharing their ideas, tips, recipes, photographs, and knowledge with others. The information in their blogs drove immense traffic on their blogs.  But, they were just rewarded with encouraging comments on their blogs, no financial benefits they could get.

Affiliate Marketing provides them the opportunity to cash on the efforts of maintaining and driving traffic on their blogs. They can promote the products of leading brands and get paid. This is the simple fundamental of Affiliate Marketing.

It is preferred over others as it is performance based and therefore the campaigns are run into different segments like CPS, CPL, CPC, CPV, and CPD/CPI where the affiliates are paid for generating sales, leads, click, visit, and download/install respectively.

Bloggers can now join affiliate network program and place ads of relevant products on their blogs. Affiliate Marketing Networks in India is the platform where affiliates and advertisers join hands and benefit each other mutually. These networks provide technical assistance to both of them by providing them an account where they manage their campaigns.

Availing such programs is like hitting two birds with one stone, they can now earn money while relishing their hobby without making any extra efforts.

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