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Figuring the efficiency of Mobile Apps

As the number of people subscribing internet in their mobile phones is constantly and significantly rising. There were 349 million unique mobile users in India in 2014 and & 70% traffic is arriving from mobile phones on web. The data is encouraging for merchants and retailers to get them their apps developed and let the

Leveraging the power of Rich Media Advertising

Affiliate Marketing is full of challenges to keep customers engaged with the brand by displaying relevant ads on web pages and through other mediums.  Rich media advertising is advanced form of nonlinear marketing where banners are made more interactive as compared to standard banners being used so far. In order to understand Rich media ads

Tips to create banner ads for display advertising

Banner is one of the most important elements of display advertising also known as ‘Affiliate Marketing’. Banners are placed on different websites and portals to attract customers and get clicks on the ad where they ultimately reach to the landing page. If the customer buys anything from the landing and checks out successfully, a conversion

3 Types of Ads and their objectives across conversion funnel

The ultimate aim of marketing is to derive sales whether affiliate marketing or traditional marketing methods. With the passage of time and technology enhancement the methods of marketing, their objectives and methods of evaluating success have got different. The multichannel marketing approach is what making brands flourish with leaps and bounds. Marketers approach customers with

Is Fingerprinting going to replace cookies?

Both advertisers and publishers involved in Affiliate Marketing in India and offshore struggle with tracking technologies every time. The most reliable method they are using currently is ‘cookies’ which they use to track the conversions as well as to understand the customer behavior. On the basis of cookies they also retarget the customers the latest

Trending in mobile advertising space

After revelation of Gartner’s predictions in Mobile Advertising for Affiliate Marketing Industry marketers are imbued with positive vibes. Past year witnessed 58% growth from 2013 to 2014 and it is expected to grow immensely. The developments in technology will lead the way and the affiliate marketing through mobile advertising has a long way to go

Future Leading Elements in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is typically a system including Advertisers, Affiliate Ad Networks, and Publishers where they mutually benefit each other.  But current methods of executing the process are going to be the procedure of bygone era. The whole system especially in India relies on flashing banners, pop-up ads, and discount-only conversions so far.   Some revolutionary

How effective Mobile Apps are in India

Mobile Ads are the buzz word these days. Affiliate Marketing in India is ready to embrace the revenue generation strategy through mobile apps. It is a milestone in marketing regime that has is continuously achieving different benchmarks and looking to expand the reach of marketers while making it easy for the consumers to find products.