Native Ads – Moving ahead of conventional ad formats in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is executed using banner ads, flash ads, videos and has been an integral part of digital marketing but a new approach of marketing has been a buzzword presently. It is emerging as the most effective technique of branding and sale/lead generating. Gone are the days when banner ads or flash ads in the corner of the websites would attract audience and provoke readers to click on them driving considerable CTR (click through rate).

Now, the CTR on banner ads has plummeted as audience understands the objective of those banners thoroughly and has learned to ignore them to concentrate on the matter they are searching for. The new strategy of Native Ads is more targeted ensuring desired results.

What is Native Ad ?

Wikipedia says “Native advertising is a form of online advertising that matches the form and function of the platform on which it appears”. In other words Native Ad fits into the original objective of the platform it is being placed on.

It brings better ROI as it holds the quality of engrossing reader while convincing him to take required action. Once the reader learns about the brand willingly he will be interested in taking action and filling lead instantly to know more about the product or services.

Platforms to serve Native Ads

  • Print Media

Promotional advertorial embedded in the content of newspaper or magazine sponsored by the advertiser is native ad in print media. When the features of the brand are made explicit in the advertorial that looks like news, reader discovers the virtues of the brand closely and keeps the benefits in mind.

Shell-ad2 Print Media

  • Digital Media

Digital Media includes desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Sponsored content on online portals creating brand awareness is native ads in digital media. The articles fortifying brand reputation are placed among other articles of the portal.

Digital Media 11-Things-You-Didn_t-Know-About-PlayStation

  • Online Video

Native ads in video format are placed in the website matching with overall look and feel of the website. It does not seem to be interrupting like TV commercials consequently engaging user to fulfill the aim of serving video strongly.

  • Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is just like the sponsored program or event. A brand sponsors the news and the news is served along with the name of the brand. No call to action is given rather it is done with the aim of spreading brand awareness.

Sponsored content

  • In-feed Ads

Most of the online news portals show many articles from the web suggesting reader to read along with other relevant articles on their portal. These suggested articles from the web are called In-feed ads.

in-feed ads

  • Sponsored posts on Facebook

Facebook is the social networking website enabling users to share their content and updates with their friends. Many brands sponsor posts promoting their brand and reach more and more people.

Facebook-ScreenShot-Sponsored posts on Facebook

  • Promoted Tweets

Ordinary tweets of a brand are purchased by advertiser to reach wider group of people giving a spark to engagement through this micro-blogging website.

promoted_tweets_example Promoted Tweets

  • Google Text Ads

Google Text Ads are the ads served above organic results in SERPs. They meticulously meet the look and feel of the page but actually are paid results known as ‘PPC’ program run by Google.

dynamic-keyword-insertion-Google Text Ads

Native Ads Vs Conventional Display Ads

[table th=’1′ tf=’1′ border=’1px’ width=’100%’ class=’yay-a-table’]

Native Ads| Display Ads;;

Better user experience |Sometimes intrusive;;

Motivate to take action |Fails to inspire user to take action;;

Viewed as editorial | Viewed as non-informational promotional content;;

Ensure more engagement | Ignored by user;;

Incorporated in the editorial feed |Placed in the corners or the middle of the content;;


Native Ads have a long way to go as they perfectly fulfill the criteria of being non-intrusive. Native Ads are bringing a revolutionary change in the marketing industry. They are mostly served in the form of articles, long videos and info-graphics and therefore, provide reader ample time to understand and take final decision. A detailed and non-intrusive feature earns trust of the reader and brand ultimately adding one more customer in their list. Publishers are aptly welcoming native ads taking initiative to create content for advertisers and publish in their portals giving new avenues to Affiliate marketing in India.

Now, editorial feeds are placed instead of traditional display ads providing better user experience and bringing effective results thereby attracting marketers to try hands at emerging marketing trend in India.

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