3 Types of Ads and their objectives across conversion funnel

The ultimate aim of marketing is to derive sales whether affiliate marketing or traditional marketing methods. With the passage of time and technology enhancement the methods of marketing, their objectives and methods of evaluating success have got different. The multichannel marketing approach is what making brands flourish with leaps and bounds.

Marketers approach customers with different strategies and objectives. They target customers with different ad types on purchase funnel where three steps comprise brand awareness – the top of the funnel, arousing desire to purchase – the middle of the funnel and getting the visitor converted into customer – the bottom of the funnel.

The three different objectives have their own significance and will continue to be in demand but the type of ad that is the most effective and measurable will be decided by you. Here are the three types of ads described with their significance and strategy –

  • Concept Ads

As the name suggests concept ads primarily explains the concept or philosophy of the brand in such an interactive way that the viewer loves to watch and memories it. It bring the customer on the top of the funnel with the intensions of brand awareness, brand affinity, generating purchase intent and changing the way of thinking of the target audience about brand.


These ads are served in the form of digital video ads in affiliate marketing a channel of digital marketing as well as in traditional marketing platforms like television commercials and full-page magazine ads. The presence of concept ads over multiple advertising channels help the audience to change their ideas about the brand and makes him remember brand name by hitting it again and again. Branding once done in appropriate way provides benefits in long run.

  • Content Ads

Content ads enable brands to bring the audience to the middle of the funnel. The motive of content ads is to make audience aware about the utility, quality and importance of the products or services in detail. Later the results of the content multiplies when audience interact with it after reading/viewing by sharing or commenting. Therefore, content ads should be information-rich as well as made attractive and engaging.


Content ads can also be called Native Ads and are served in the form of buzz feed or sponsored content on multiple digital channels. However, there are no parameters to measure the efficacy of Content ads but it is measured just like the success of content is measured say volume of interest, depth of interest, time spent with the content, engagement and interaction with it, then the desire to share. More the numbers of shares on social media of the content more will be the brand affinity.

  • Commerce Ads

Commerce ads are one of the kinds of display ads dominating the market currently. They chase the customer throughout the web using retargeting. They bring the customer at the bottom of the funnel finally leading to get conversions done. The conversions can be tracked precisely using some software and the brand is able to get true ROI of its investments.


However, all the types of ads have their own significance and benefit the brands in different ways by achieving the goals they are run for. But, many leading brands and startups are opting Commerce ads under performance marketing and approaching high performance Ad Networks in India to generate conversions with precise tracking system and true ROI getting controlled number of conversions.

Concept ads and content ads both helps to win brand affinity and customer trust but what pursue them to purchase finally is commerce ads as they directly lands the customer to checkout page. Retargeting strengthens the customer’s will to purchase making commercial ads the dominating one.

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