Is ‘Programmatic Advertising’ the next face of Display Advertising?

Display advertising is a give and take relationship between advertisers and publishers. It is being done through affiliate marketing companies which act as the medium between both. The publishers are paid and advertisers pay price for every action done by publishers for them. But, what if a thought strikes in advertiser’s mind that he would have got the action done for lesser price.

Programmatic Advertising is a system that ensures fair price to both advertisers and publishers. “Programmatic Advertising is the automation of the process of buying and selling of desktop display, video and mobile ads through real-time-bidding.” The campaigns at Programmatic are booked, analyzed and optimized using DSP (demand-side software) interfaces and algorithms.

According to IDC (International Data Corporation) “spending on Programmatic Display Advertising will accelerate at a 59% compound annual growth rate through 2016, making the real-time bidding the fastest growing segment of digital advertising over the next few years.”

Real-time automated bids are placed on demand side platform (DSP). The platform enables advertisers to find the most potential inventory or publishers for their campaigns. They use DSP to get the cheapest and the most fruitful bid. Supply side platform (SSP) use similar technology powers as DSP ensures maximum price for publishers. Using SSP, publishers can connect their inventory to multiple ad exchanges, advertisers and Affiliate Marketing Companies. They can ensure to get higher prices by offering certain attributes like the required demography and the availability of potential users.

The efficiency of programmatic advertises facilitates automated buys to be conducted and optimized across devices and channels giving advertisers a centralized view of their affiliate marketing campaigns. RTB (Real-time bidding) the programmatic advertising makes impressions and sales available for advertisers at the lowest price. It also allows advertisers to have more control over their campaigns through frequency capping across publishers and inventory sources as well as the ability to optimize and manages budgets across campaigns.

In a nut shell Programmatic Advertising holds the potential to grow as it protects the rights of advertisers to spend reasonable money on their campaigns and get unique and genuine traffic on their website. Publishers can cash out their inventory to the best. It also keeps the whole process transparent as there no salesman handling the conversation between two rather everything is automated where everybody knows everything.

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