Trending in mobile advertising space

After revelation of Gartner’s predictions in Mobile Advertising for Affiliate Marketing Industry marketers are imbued with positive vibes. Past year witnessed 58% growth from 2013 to 2014 and it is expected to grow immensely. The developments in technology will lead the way and the affiliate marketing through mobile advertising has a long way to go in India as well.

Affiliate Marketing is buzzing worldwide and almost all the e-commerce portals are resorting on Affiliate Marketing in India. Understanding the increasing use of mobile phones for internet access and several purposes they are now focusing on mobile advertising. Let’s take a look at some prevailing and future trends in mobile advertising space.

App Install Ads – Install Ads are leading currently in mobiles. E-commerce portals offering shopping through online apps are trying to get it installed in maximum number of phones. Industry giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter are serving the industry. The metric used to measure the success of campaign is called CPI (Cost per Install). Advertisers pay to the publishers on the basis of number of installs.

Native Ads – Native Ads is a new term emerging in advertising world. These are ads becoming the part of any content. Advertisers are getting good response from them and therefore, the ads are gaining traction these days. Publishers are now exploring the innovative from of adverting and the opportunity to use their content for promoting products. In-feed ads are presently ruling in renowned online informative portals.

Wearable Technology – The world is now moving towards wearable technology where gadgets take the shape of watches or bracelets. Wearable Technology related ads waiting to become the trend in India in Affiliate Marketing Industry. As Google has officially announced SDK (Software Development Kit) for publishers to develop wearable on, it is going to be prominent in Affiliate Marketing.

Big Data – Advertisers now target the most eligible audience for their products. It brings high ROI and desired LTV along with a large number of customer acquisitions. Big Data companies provide data to the advertisers and publishers to make it happen practically.

Location Targeting – Advertisers now adopt the strategy of targeting customers in particular location. Many companies provide precise and seamless information to let the publishers target required location. It is best option for online food ordering services or many more like FoodPanda or JustEat in India to serve the people in particular location with any special offer.

The basics of Affiliate Marketing will be same but the methods of targeting audience keep getting advanced. Use of high-end technology will in trend always and therefore, Affiliate Ad Networks in India will keep getting advanced for their advertisers and publishers providing them the most suitable & robust platform for targeting the most potential audience.

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