Deep Linking in Mobile Marketing Campaign is one more step towards success

A sudden mount in the use of smart phones has brought mobile marketing in limelight. Affiliate Marketing professionals in India have been working on desktops to draw users attention to the product or services they are promoting under different campaigns like CPS, CPC, CPI, CPL, CPV and CPM etc. But, the significant rise in the number of people surfing internet on mobile phones in last couple of years has prompted them to focus on Mobile Marketing as well.

The biggest drawback of surfing internet in mobile phones is the small screen where only limited content can be seen and that too not properly. Brands came with responsive websites to overcome this problem. Now, the users could easily navigate across the website and read the in mobile phones.

With the rise of e-commerce, brands came with mobile applications to ensure easy navigation and user friendly interface to enable them purchase products or fill lead application through their mobile phones. Affiliate Marketers in India then started promotional practices on mobiles also but was complicated and experienced many shortcomings.

User was not able to land on the desired page directly through link and even the marketers were not able to track the sales as they could do on web. Deep Linking on web accounts for rise in sales as user directly lands on checkout page and there are more chances of getting the action done in CPA marketing model.

Deep Linking in Mobile Applications
Similar to URL (Uniform Resource locator) on web, deep linking in mobiles includes URI (uniform resource identifier) which helps in linking to a specific location within a mobile app for example ‘exampleApp://location/123456’. Without deep linking in mobile phones it is just ‘exampleApp://’. Moreover the URI is different for iOS and android phones such as ‘exampleiOSApp://location/123456’ and ‘exampleAndroidApp://launch?location=123456’.

Benefits of Deep Linking in Mobile Apps
Deep linking in mobile apps helps Affiliate Marketers in India to enhance their performance incredibly as it benefits in many ways like –

  • Points to the specific areas of your app which you want to highlight and refresh to get more traffic.
  • Increases engagement of the user with your app.
  • By taking user directly to the landing page, Affiliate Marketers can exponentially increase their revenue.
  • Google recently announced indexing of deep links on mobile apps which will make mobile apps more discoverable on World Wide Web.
  • Helps in re-engagement of the user. If the user has not been using the app for long, he can be intimated with new updated versions to explore more on the app.
  • It also allows cross-channel marketing campaigns where the destination can be your website, email, social media network or third parties.
  • It helps to track the conversions through mobile apps as well as removes multiple layers of conversion funnel.

Affiliate Ad Networks in India are upgrading the technology they have and providing their publishers the deep link-able mobile applications. Deep Linking works only when it is properly configured in mobile apps and therefore, developers must make sure that the application they are developing is deep linkable. Since, deep linking in mobile app enables re-engagement, conversion tracking and increases revenue it becomes mandatory for all developers to make mobile applications deep linkable.


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