Future Leading Elements in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is typically a system including Advertisers, Affiliate Ad Networks, and Publishers where they mutually benefit each other.  But current methods of executing the process are going to be the procedure of bygone era. The whole system especially in India relies on flashing banners, pop-up ads, and discount-only conversions so far.


Some revolutionary elements are going to turn the world of Affiliate Marketing upside down in future. The rise of technology and digitally sound audience want to experience better and effortless ways of shopping. Publishers in turn need to keep abreast of latest and future technologies to manage the competitive edge.

Let’s take a look at the latest and emerging technologies that are going to change the user experience completely –


A year before shopping on mobile was just beginning but by the end of the year 2014 it grabbed the attention of marketers and marketing professionals assumes it to grow immensely in future. According to a survey posted on Marketing Land Mobile-Only visitors are quite large in number and on some portals they are more than 50%.

Publishers can also geo-target, send push notifications and can advertises through SMS also. Smart-phones enable regular interaction among friends and followers through different social media channels. The most important virtue of mobile marketing is facilitating shopping on the go.

Local Retailers

Online shopping has been considered as a threat to brick-and-mortar stores. But, the rise of technologies likes Beacon and geo-targeting helps them to push sales on smart phones. Beacon equipped matters can send notifications to the customers with enabled smart phone app in nearby area. Publishers sending these notifications can also target retail stores in nearby locality along with referring traffic to advertisers through traditional affiliate marketing.

Social Media

Social Media Channels provide ample opportunity to publishers having large communities to refer traffic to their websites and monetize their social media portals. This provides the advertisers the incredible exposure to the target audience as most of the times the account owner has likeminded friends or followers on their social media network.

Video Ads

Video ads are stepping in slowly but they are going to live to the expectations of publishers and advertisers. Advertisers and publishers are now using the power of video instead of flash banners. The ads are played before, middle and after the video being played called pre roll, mid roll and post roll respectively. These ads bring better CTR and true ROI.

Hosted Cart

Hosted Cart or Universal Cart is the awesome technology that enables customer to add products of different online stores in one cart and feasible checkout process. Publishers can now make the customers buy products without referring them to the advertiser,s landing page.

Some of the elements are being used in India but some are completely untapped like selling products of local retailers and hosted carts. Affiliate Marketing Ad Networks in India as well is going to get their working models modified entirely in coming years.

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