Tips to create banner ads for display advertising

Banner is one of the most important elements of display advertising also known as ‘Affiliate Marketing’. Banners are placed on different websites and portals to attract customers and get clicks on the ad where they ultimately reach to the landing page. If the customer buys anything from the landing and checks out successfully, a conversion is done.

Therefore, banners play a vital role on bringing conversions. Banner should be attractive enough to make the user click on it to learn more about the products or services. Moving ahead from the world of traditional static banners containing only some images, logo and a message, it’s time to adopt rich media advertising. Rich Media Banners include flash, slides, video, animation, gaming elements and many more.

What are the elements to ensure that the banner is perfect and is capable to attract customers which ultimately generate conversions? Here are some tips to make your banner eye catching and attention grabbing.

Stick to your Aim

Every banner ads is made with the intention and you should stick to that. Whenever a campaign is made live there is always an intention behind it, be it causing awareness, generating conversions or engaging customers with the brand. You should not distract the customer by including so many things. This confuses the customer and he or she will not respond to CTA.

Emphasize on CTA

Call To Action is the most important part of any Banner Ad. The size of CTA should be big enough to make it clearly visible and the color should be in contrast with the background. Unless the customer understands your intentions or the CTA is not prompting enough to make the customer to take action its hard to get conversations.

Embed interactive elements

Instead of just relying on photographs use latest interactive media like videos, animation or flash as the conventional banners does. However, gaming elements are much more capable to engross the user with them. These elements are attention grabbers and ensure high conversion rate as compared to the static one.

Don’t Forget to Test

Your quest for the perfect banner ad is not accomplished until you test your ad for different variables. Especially when you are creating a banner for mobile, you should test many variables like the size of banner, CTA, title and images etc. Testing ensures the desired success of the campaign.

When it comes to make your banner live, you should also carefully choose the affiliate marketing company in India. You must ensure the company supports such banners or has the inventory to disseminate your banner to the most efficient audience.

Ultimate aim is to bring conversions therefore, your every step since the beginning of creating till its distribution on different portals should be flawless. Following the given tips will help your to achieve your goals as well begun half done.

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