Leveraging the power of Rich Media Advertising

Affiliate Marketing is full of challenges to keep customers engaged with the brand by displaying relevant ads on web pages and through other mediums.  Rich media advertising is advanced form of nonlinear marketing where banners are made more interactive as compared to standard banners being used so far. In order to understand Rich media ads deeply you need to understand what does it accommodate better than standard banner ads?

You must have seen standard banner ads while browsing web pages. They contain some text, images, logs and sometimes flash or animation. But, Rich Media Ads are more interactive as they deliver better user experience. Let’s learn the definition of Rich Media Ads.


“Rich Media is a term used for web page ads in which advanced technology like streaming video, downloaded applet s (programs) is applied to make them more interactive as well as the ads expand when the user hover mouse over it.”


These banners are created using present-day HTML5 and Java Script. They are highly interactive because they have many features to engross the user and ultimately make him respond to call-to-action. They contain videos, games, animations as well as the facility of phone call with a single click of mouse in spite of only taking the user to landing page when clicked as happens in standard banner ads.

According to few industry influencers Rich Media Advertising generates better ROI because –

  • According to ICE Portal Rich Media increases conversion rates by 64%.
  • ICE Portal also asserts that Rich Media Content helps to decrease bounce rate by 60-80%.
  • Internet Retailer says after watching product video viewers are 85% more likely to purchase products from the portal.
  • MediaPost emphasizes that 57% of customers say watching a video make them more confident to take online purchase decisions.
  • EMarketers unveils 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide take video as the type of content to generate the best ROI.


Why Rich Media Ads ensures such figures

High Interaction Rate – The name ‘rich media’ ensures that the banner is rich in mediums. Many things are displayed in a single banner to engage user. Hence, they are more interactive and contribute significantly in brand awareness & ROI.

More Calls to Action – It lets the advertiser include more calls to action. Many landing pages can be linked with different calls to action in the same banner.

Lots of Space – It provides more space to disseminate message or product features as it can be expanded to the desired size when user hovers the mouse on banner ad.

Supports Video – Video is considered as the most interactive form of ad content currently and when the video is played in banner ad of the product it brings more conversions.

Enhanced Tracking – It provides better and precise tracking results as it can be clearly calculated that how many times the video was viewed moreover the advertiser can analyze that after how long the video was paused or stopped.

Working with the Affiliate Marketing Company in India that works with potential publishers who support Rich Media Banners can provide better results and improved true ROI. No doubts that the content provided to the ad networks by advertisers should be influencing enough to prompt the user to take desired action but quality of inventory they posses also matters.

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