Figuring the efficiency of Mobile Apps

As the number of people subscribing internet in their mobile phones is constantly and significantly rising. There were 349 million unique mobile users in India in 2014 and & 70% traffic is arriving from mobile phones on web. The data is encouraging for merchants and retailers to get them their apps developed and let the customers shop from their mobile apps.

This is the perfect medium to reach majority of internet users and that is why an e-commerce giant ‘Myntra’ has shut down its website and is live on app only claiming to generate 70% revenue through only. Myntra is pioneer in taking such a step to shut down the website completely and depends on app for total revenue generation.

Many others are trying to reach their customers through apps and many are complaining of being discarded from the mobile phones without being used even once. The success of mobile app also depends on the quality of installations maintained by affiliate marketing companies in India. But, merchants also ensure these features if they fail to keep their customers engaged with the app, here is the discussion throwing some light on the efficiency of mobile apps.

  • Develop a potent mobile app

This is as simple as abc that the app should be potent enough to meet the customer’s desires. It should fulfill their desires right at the moment with minimal efforts. Whether you have taxi booking app or fashion retailing it should be easy to find the required thing and place order. Developers must keep in mind that most of the mobiles have just 5 inch screen and everything should be visible in such a small space.

  • Ensure deep-linking in website

After developing a mobile app it is quite necessary to get it installed in maximum number of mobile phones to expand the business. This is possible when you enable deep linking in your mobile app from websites. People searching any particular product or service online in their mobile find you should be able to download your app instantly. Once you get your app installed in mobile, you acquire a customer who will use your app again and again.

  • Push Notifications

After acquiring a customer its utmost important to keep him engaged with your app and push notifications are the best way for it. When you send notifications of latest offers and coupons on your app, it entices will him to make the purchase. And when the comfort level is high as he has already got the app installed in his mobile, he will respond to the call to action. Therefore, keep the call to action in your notifications clear and visible.

  • Social Media Advertising & Integration

Social Media apps like Facebook and Twitter have a big user base on mobile phones and this is perfect platform to target customers. You can use their SDK (software development kit) to target the users who already have your app installed in their mobile phones.

Social media integration can also add to the virality of your mobile app as when the social butterflies will share the deals and other things regarding your app with their peers.

  • Customer Segmentation

Make different list of your customers and give some extra benefits to your loyal customers who regularly purchase your products or services and that too in good quantity. This helps to maintain healthy and long-term relationship with the customers and encourage others to follow them.

  • One Click Contacting

Enable one click contacting in your mobile app so the user can contact you with just a single click. Local businesses taking orders through phones can make the most of it. A study by Google mobile movement shows that 61% of mobile users call after a local business search which will definitely increase the number of customers.

The inundation of mobile apps in market is the manifestation of the success of mobile apps but in order to ensure the success of your mobile app you should have these features in it. Analyzing and tracking of sales is also necessary. You should also contact an Affiliate Marketing Company in India that promises legitimate and worthwhile mobile app downloads.

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