How to Pick Right Image for Your Social Media Design

Photos are an important tool for grabbing attention of the viewers. Whether the design has effective content or not, if there are appealing visuals then it surely increases the engagement. Views grow and conversation rates shoot up. However, there are certain aspects that becomes mandatory for the images to become powerful.

Have a Look at the Key Aspects to Pick Right Image for Your Social Media Design

1. Quality is the Key

A good quality image is not only attractive but also appeals to the viewers so much so that they associate the quality of product/service with it. A right resolution image increases the chances of receiving higher engagement on your social media design in terms of click and viewership.

2. Make it Purposeful

It’s important to use an image which meets the end goal. Making it attractive is not good enough. An appealing picture at the right place does wonders for your business as it acquaints the viewer with your business in a better way.

3. Highlight Emotions

When you choose an image, it is important to convey the right message and evoke the right emotion among the viewers. This should be evaluated based on the business and the target audience. A platform selling travel should have extremely mesmerizing photos of travel places whereas a food platform should have mouthwatering images of food.

4. Avoid Stock Images

Using stock images is the most non-creative way to showcase your work as it makes you seem very generic, boring and cliché. Though stock images are attractive and cheap, it isn’t doing any good for the brand. Make sure your images should stand out of the clutter.

5. Brand Oriented

Irrespective of the type of image you use, if it isn’t in line with your brand then it’s a waste. Adhere to the brand lines and choose or create photos accordingly. Drifting apart from the theme is not doing any good to the brand.

6. People Centric

Not all images without people in it are good. It’s good to use images with people as it derives better emotional connect and is relatable. For connecting on a personal level images with people is ranked higher than the ones with no people.

7. Give Credits

If a certain image appeals to you and you wish to use it as your own, make sure you give credits to the concerned person or seek permission before using it on your platform. Someone else’s hard work should certainly be acknowledged.

Fulfilling these factors will surely help you in picking the right images for your social media platforms as they will enhance user engagement with the brand and significantly effect your advertising performance in a better way.

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