Soon You could choose alternate timeline on Facebook!

While browsing through Facebook’s news feed, we generally encounter a lot of advertisements & posts that crowd our feed. Facebook has begun experiments that provide exclusivity of viewing posts from friends & family and shift the publisher’s ads & posts to an alternate timeline. The tests are being conducted based on the user intent of being able to view posts of their known people only.

For people willing to view ads and posts from publishers will have to choose the alternate timeline from the feed.This experiment is also being conducted to see the ratio of people engaging in similar posts versus people engaging in posts of friends only. However, if the publishers wish to display their posts on the mail timeline, they will have to shell out extra pennies for the same.

Currently, the testing was conducted in six countries so far, namely, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Serbia, Guatemala, Bolivia & Slovakia. The media companies experienced a sharp drop in these countries and the traffic reached a new low post this experiment. There could be two reasons for this massive drop. Firstly, people might not be aware of the alternate timeline feature or they didn’t select it on purpose as they were more likely to view posts of known people only.

Whether or not is it a boon is difficult to comprehend as of now but that is surely going to be an interesting shift in the World of social media.

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