Quora to follow footsteps of Google & Facebook!

As a progressive move, Quora takes a leap with advertising policies. The initial non-targeted audience can now be targeted and filtered by the advertisers. They can upload the list of emails of target audience to Quora and select their viewership which is desirable for the brand. The approach has been implemented to identify the correct audience and to curtail the spillage. Well, that can certainly be called as hitting the bull’s eye, as it is a perfect win-win situation for the marketers as well as the audience who can avoid viewing the unwanted or redundant ads.

This modification is similar to the pattern being followed by Customer Match in Google & Custom Audience in Facebook. The list match audiences pushed out by Quora- the question and answer platform can be exercised to include or exclude the audience for ad viewing. Besides adding the email lists, the marketers can create a look-alike list of audience which is identified on the basis of people displaying similar characteristics and behaviour. These look-alike email addresses are displayed through machine learning.

The alteration definitely comes across as a welcome move and will benefit the marketers by all means. However, the rate of success will be interesting to witness.


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