Should board exams be conducted digitally??

Since early school days, we are taught the paramount importance of ‘Board exams’. Whether we have been through that stage or are yet to appear for the board exams, we are well-aware of the anxiety revolving around it. There is numerous pressure one succumbs to when the board exams are just around the corner. For some, it has even become the deciding factor of success and failures of life and scoring maximum marks has become the ultimate goal of life.

Surely, studying for exams and emerging out with flying colours is an impressive show of efforts but we can’t overlook the hazardous incidents occurring because of it. From countless student suicides to tactfully leaking the papers, students are stooping down to a level which is not only sad but alarming too!

In the recent turn of events, CBSE has confirmed that the Economics paper for 12th standard & Mathematics paper for 10th standard was leaked online and same will be reconducted soon. There are students and parents rejoicing over the news whereas there is a fraction who is denouncing the decision. Amidst the fiasco, there is a question that raises eyes! Till when will the students bear the brunt?

While, the reason behind paper leak could be carelessness, bribery, frustration, anxiety, commercialization of studies etc. but is there an end to this? While, we can only educate the students, parents and teachers about the stigma associated with it, but I think another transformation could minimize the leak. Imagine, what if the board exams are conducted digitally! In the digital age of today, where we are gradually shifting towards digital means and are incorporating its usage it all walks of life, then why not in board exams? As it is, a lot of competitive exams are being conducted online and the ratio of question paper leaks of such exams is bare negligible. So, to avoid the hassle and the risk in future endeavours, conducting it digitally would be convenient for everyone. It is a clear win-win situation for the students as well as the examiners which minimize the risk of unfair means of appearing for the exams. In another incident, a person was spotted carrying Chemistry board examination paper in the Delhi Metro which was supposed to be confidential and undoubtedly, an unethical practice of carrying confidential documents in public. Thankfully, the paper wasn’t leaked but just imagine the chances? After all, it must have caught the eyes of countless thousands.

Digitization is the solution to avoid such chaos to repeat itself in future. Not only will it be convenient but will also acquaint the upcoming generation with the importance of digital, will help save paper and will certainly reduce the risk of unfair practices which is the need of the hour!

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