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5 Effective Tips to Attain CPI Paradigm

An Impression in CPI campaign is aimed to achieve view-ability and brand awareness. The success of the CPI ad campaign depends on the number of people view it. Publishers are paid on the basis of the numbers of impressions. But, how advertisers can make sure that branding is done in the picture perfect manner without

Ad Blocking Apps – Don’t Panic

The origination of Ad blocking apps has created the ambiance of panic among marketers. The situation seems like their affiliate ads are not going to work out but, this not something about creating panic. Paying heed to some tips given would ensure you the same. If you are an advertiser and spending a considerable budget

Is making website responsive enough for display mobile ads?

Recently introduced Google’s Mobile-First Rule will pull the SERPs of responsive websites up. So, it can be clearly understood that mobile display ads will be fruitful on responsive websites only. But, making website responsive is enough? A publisher having responsive website can ensure high revenue? Paying heed to blog published on ‘60% of total