Things to Remember Before Planning Mobile Strategies

Mobile has become one of the best mediums to reach a large mass of audience in India since people spend more time with mobile than television or laptops. India has the third largest user base of smart phones in world after China and US with 167 million smart phones users in 2015. Moreover, India is expected to overtake US in 2016 and become the second largest user base of smart phones in the world according to a research by eMarketer on December 22, 2015.

The data signifies that mobile is going to become the key to success for affiliate marketers and they should gird up their loins. There are certain things to remember before planning mobile strategies since wrong approach can lead them to failure or insufficient monetization.

  • Infrastructure

When it comes to mobile, affiliate marketing is directly linked with technology like ad servers and SDK (software development kit) etc. So the technology they are using should comply their requirements. It should be easy to integrate, able to find the best price in minimum time along with allowing publisher to monetize banner ads, interstitials, native ads and mobile video through a single unified SDK integration and much more with serving right ad to right audience with sufficient and precise tracking of each conversion.  Publishers should also check the technology and services provided by the affiliate marketing companies in India they are partnering with.

  • Creative

Publisher can adopt any of the available way to target audience through content or app but the creative should be presented in right way. It should be captivating to attract user and simplified to let him understand your intentions. Remember, user come across hundreds of creative in a day but remember only a few which are interesting and different.

  • User Experience

Publishers should give importance to user experience on primary basis since the advanced user is smart enough to ignore the ads. They should understand their requirements and the reason to visit their website or install their app.


If the user is coming to your website for reading content he or she should be given ads relevant to the content without making it hurdle in reading since there are no options of opening multiple tabs in mobile phones. If they click on the ad and navigated on another page unwantedly, it will be a bad experience.

App-first publishers should also try their best to ensure seamless experience with filters and quick results. The navigation in the app should be as easy as it can be.

  • Choosing Technology Partner

In a nut shell, publishers should choose their technology partner prudently whether its responsive website developer, app developer or ad server etc. Publisher should also ensure that the technology partner supports all kinds of ads including MRAID and IAB’s Mobile Rising Stars ad units. App-first publishers should take into account that they are completely dependent on SDK to insert code and when the SDKs are updated, the app also needs to be re-tested and resubmitted to the respective app store for approval.


Mobile advertising can be lucrative for publishers and all affiliate marketers involved in India if approached in right way. The increasing smartphone penetration in India and the large user base will provide them ample opportunity to monetize their mobile traffic.

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